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The Million-Dollar Man? Go figure.

Posted by bdowd625 on March 3, 2009


I’m not breaking any new ground here with this post, but something that Chad Finn (Boston Globe) wrote on his OT blog caught my attention last week. It seems Mr. Finn has taken issue with Sports Radio WEEI and what the station considers to be quality programming.

All I can say is, thank you, Chad. I have waited for someone with some credibility to give the personalities on that station the tongue-lashing they deserve. And I’m not talking about Dale & Holley (by far my favorite show during the week), nor am I referencing Dennis & Callahan (though I do get a little sick of their frequent conservative tirades). I am, of course, talking about The Big Show with “The Big O,” Glenn Ordway. As many of you said in the Comments section of Finn’s blog, the yelling and screaming over one another on that show has caused my ears to bleed on more than one occasion. Not only are they loud, but they also spew meaningless drivel. How many morons does it take to talk sports? Apparently three, as long as Ordway, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie are in-studio. And when it comes to Pete Sheppard, well, I’d never bash a fellow Bishop Hendricken grad.

But seriously, what’s the deal with those three? Between Ordway mouthing off, Smerlas pining to get into the NFL Hall of Fame and DeOssie talking about his son, I’ve just about had enough. Luckily for them I keep tuning in to listen to… Oh wait, there’s nothing of value there whatsoever. Thank God I have plenty of Pink Floyd in the car to fill the time.

When Ordway was in a contract dispute with the station at the end of 2008, I only hoped that the station would decide to head in another direction. Instead, they brought Ordway back for a million dollars a year. To steal a line from SNL’s Amy Poehler and Seth Myers, Really? You’re going to bring back this loud-mouth blowhard to keep clogging up your airwaves? Really? What does he bring to the station again? Let me know when you find out.

Just look at that face up there. That’s the kind of image that haunts small children in the night. Certainly not the mug of someone who should be earning a million dollars a year.

For some reason, though, people just keep listening to this guy and his cronies. I, for one, have had enough. Too bad the suits at WEEI don’t feel the same way.


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