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Fatal distraction

Posted by bdowd625 on October 22, 2009


I’d be making that face if I were you, too, Steve Phillips. And if someone had blown the whistle on your little love triangle with fellow ESPN employee Brooke Hundley a little sooner, maybe you’d have been able to save face. But the fact of the matter is, as a prominent baseball analyst, you just can’t get away with pulling stunts like this, ESPECIALLY with someone that looks like her.  Not that cheating on your wife is something to be proud of in the first place, but with all the pull you have, I’d expect better.

Look I get it, the name Brooke Hundley just sounds hot. Like someone you’d find in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. But take a look at her up there, she’s better suited for Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty. And to top it all off, she left your wife a letter disclosing the affair you two have had. Wow. Good luck bouncing back from that one.

I enjoy listening to your baseball analysis, I just hope this doesn’t mean you get tossed out of ESPN for good. That means we’d be left with only Joe Morgan for color analysis and I’d rather gargle nails before I put up with him.


3 Responses to “Fatal distraction”

  1. Buff1 said

    The real attraction to Steve Phillips at ESPN (as a Met fan) was that he was no longer with the Mets. Also, you gotta think all the young women working for the Mets were thankful.

  2. Amy said

    Ok, sure she’s no Erin Andrews or Ines Sainz, but give the girl a break. I’m sure she put in a fair share of seduction with the guy, (nudie pics to naughty e-mails at work.) I would hardly rate Phillips above a 5 and when it comes down to it, he could have done worse, and she could have done better.
    Clearly these two were destined for each other, a guy who’ll cheat on his wife deserves a girl who’ll spill the beans about they’re taboo tryst anyday!

    • bdowd625 said

      Steve Phillips is higher than a 5, and I feel completely comfortable admitting that. But you’re right about the Erin Andrews thing. She’s a smokeshow and Brooke Hundley is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

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