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Werth every penny

Posted by bdowd625 on October 22, 2009

As a Red Sox fan, I’ll admit, it’s awfully difficult to root for another team, even if that team is in the National League. But the product the Philadelphia Phillies are putting out on the field every night is downright impressive. When they won the World Series last year, I never imagined they’d be headed back again a season later. Boy was I wrong.

That lineup is just relentless. Anytime you can run Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins and Raul Ibanez out there, you’re going to have some success. Then, to top it all off, you add Jayson Werth into the mix and all of a sudden opposing pitchers are cowering on the mound. Werth has been an absolute beast lately (Yeah, I know he only had four hits in the NLCS, but three were for home runs). Every time he comes to the plate, I expect him to put one into the seats. Those are pretty high expectations for a guy who’s making an average of $5 million a year. Oh, how the Dodgers would love to have him back. Instead, their outfielder likes to shower before the games are even over. Oh Manny, you sucker.

So I hope the Phillies can keep it up and win their second straight title. The thought of listening to Yankee fans all over again makes me sick. (We get it, A-Rod is having a good postseason. It’s about damn time.) If Werth and the rest of his teammates can keep it up, I see them hoisting the trophy in six games. Let’s hope I’m right.


One Response to “Werth every penny”

  1. Buff1 said

    I feel like I am backed into a corner here. The Phils have tortured us Met fans for a couple of years. Jimmy Rollins’ big mouth was first turned in our direction at the beginning of last year.
    The Yankees — hated and depised by every real Met fan worth his salt.
    Its a tough choice. I am rooting for the Phils – living in NY it’ll be less painful. I just don’t want to hear about Jeter the winner or the invincible Mo or the gutty, gritty yanks all winter long by the “new” wave of Yankee lovers.
    I’d love to hear a dejected John Sterling swoon a “Phils Win, Phils Win”

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