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A cut below

Posted by bdowd625 on November 13, 2009

Bears Cutler Football

It’s too bad he’s not holding up a No. 5 jersey there, because then that would equal the number of interceptions he threw against San Francisco last night. God I hate Jay Cutler and I don’t even know why. The guy just rubs me the wrong way. Like that douchey kid from high school you never liked, but he was relevant because his family was rich or something.

Either way, I can’t stand the guy. He’s got a rocket of an arm and a two-cent head. And people were giving Josh McDaniels crap about forcing this guy out of Denver. By all accounts that move has worked out pretty well for the Broncos. And for the Bears, well at least they get… um… a crybaby prima donna that can’t make a big throw? Yeah, that sounds about right.

To top it all off, that clown of an analyst Mark Schlereth was saying on ESPN this morning that most of the interceptions weren’t his fault. HE THREW FIVE OF THEM, MARK! At some point, he’s doing something wrong there. And while Devin Hester could be blamed for slipping on that one ball, every other crappy throw was just a bad decision. Let’s quit defending Cutler and admit that he has a great arm and not much else to offer. In the meantime, just shut up Schlereth. Nobody likes you either.


3 Responses to “A cut below”

  1. Big Bri said

    This blog post will make Mathe cry/wet the bed.

  2. Buff1 said

    And the BRONCOS took amazing gried for dumping this interceptionmachine!!! Orton may be mundanely average but he doesn’t beat his team

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