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Stanley Cup aspirations? How ’bout we score a goal first?

Posted by bdowd625 on November 13, 2009


The Bruins flat out suck right now. A team that had Stanley Cup hopes to begin this season (ha, yeah right) simply can not put the puck in the net. The Mighty Ducks from the Disney movie would have a better chance of scoring goals at this point. (And I’m not talking about the Ducks that featured Adam Banks and those sweet green jerseys with red gloves. I’m talking about the District 5 team that had eight different uniforms, newspaper for shinguards and the occasional football helmet.) Look I know, everyone on the team is hurt this year, Krejci had the swine flu, etc. etc. Save that crap. Every team in the NHL goes through this stuff during the season, so the Bruins are no different. And don’t give me that argument about them missing Phil Kessel. Maybe down the road they will, but the fact of the matter is he just returned from an injury and won’t hit his stride for another few weeks with the Maple Leafs. The Bruins just need somebody, anybody to step up. Any suggestions?

And for God’s sake Michael Ryder, you have one of the quickest releases in the league with that devestating wrist shot. Why the hell are you trying to triple deke the goalie and flip a backhand into the net during the shootout last night? Get with it.


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