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Big Blue Blues

Posted by bigblue123 on November 14, 2009

Giants Cowboys Football

We’re in the heart of football season and the New York football Giants are clinging to life. Clinging to their playoff lives in a remarkably soso NFC East. What’s wrong with the Giants?

A couple of key injuries on the defense – Aaron Ross, Boley (hurt and suspended for domestic violence issues), Canty and Phillips have turned this once fierce unit into an average defense. The vaunted pass rush hasn’t been the same since Super Bowl 2007. They can sack the Chiefs 7 times but not lay a hand on McNabb or Kurt Warner.

The offensive line is showing its age. Chris Snee’s holding penalty late against the Chargers cost the Giants dearly last weekend and this formidable unit has allowed Eli Manning to be sacked and pressured all season long. The Giants running game has looked average. Brandon Jacobs has seen few gaping holes as in years gone past.

Tom Coughlin is looking for answers and looking more and more like he might revert to the nasty Coughlin of pre 2007. Eli looks confused, it seems like the play clock is always at 3 seconds when Eli starts his manningesque hand motions. Damn, they work so well for Peyton.

Well, New York has the Yankees but the Knicks are a joke and the Giants are showing signs that they might not be a playoff team. Currently 5-4, they face a grueling end of the season. Falcons, Cowboys, Eagles, Broncos and Vikings remain on the Giants dance card and they will probably need to win three of those five along with beating the Panthers and Redskins to get a playoff spot.


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