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What a choke job

Posted by bdowd625 on November 16, 2009


Wow. In Bill Belichick we trust, huh? That was probably the dumbest coaching decision I’ve ever seen. Let’s go for a fourth-and-2 in the shadow of our own goal posts with the game on the line. Let’s just hand the friggin’ ball back to Peyton Manning with two minutes left, a boatload of timeouts in his back pocket and Reggie Wayne lining up against one of the Pats lame-ass cornerbacks. (Fill in the blank: Jonathan Wilhite, Darius Butler, etc.)

It felt like New England was up by about 30 points a few times in that game, and yet the lead never felt safe. I guess that’s what makes Manning so good. And in all honesty, he was only mediocre tonight. On more than one occasion, he threw some horrible passes to no one in particular. And yet you knew when the Colts got the ball back down the stretch they were definitely going to score the go-ahead touchdown. That’s just what Manning does.

The Pats offense looked great in the early going, but for some reason it lost its rhythm in the second half. Laurence Maroney’s fumble was huge. If he never has another carry again it’ll be too soon. Brady was awesome early on, but he too seemed a little out of sync as the game wore on. Credit Robert Mathis for blowing up an overmatched Nick Kazcur and putting pressure on Brady late in the game.

There’s really not much more I can say, other than the Pats choked this one away. It’s tough to recover from losses like this one.

Some quick things that stood out from tonight’s game before I go gouge my eyes out with No. 2 pencils:

*  I’ve never had a reason to dislike Dwight Freeney until tonight. Way to rock that Yankees hat during the starting lineups big guy, it must have been real tough to support your favorite baseball team less than two weeks after they won the World Series.

*  Speaking of the Yankee-lover, that was the only time I really heard his name called all game. Sebastian Vollmer did a great job protecting Brady’s blind side by fending off Freeney and that all-too-predictable spin move of his. Take your time coming back Matt Light.

*  You’re not in Storrs, Connecticut anymore Darius Butler. Start playing like an NFL defender and not some asshat from the Big East.

*  It was good to see Jonathan Wilhite make a big interception. He ran down the field to catch that ball almost as quickly as he sprinted to Cumberland Farms the night those hooligans showed up in his driveway looking for trouble.

*  Randy Moss and Wes Welker continue to be the two of the best receivers in football. Their performances speak for themselves.


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