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Patriots beat Jets to win Week 11 Super Bowl!

Posted by bdowd625 on November 22, 2009

Well it wasn’t the 50-point blowout Patriots fans were hoping for, but a win is a win. In all honesty, for a while this game felt a lot like last week’s matchup with the Colts. The Pats race out to a comfortable lead, the other team makes a few big plays and before you know it, it’s only a 10-point game. The only difference? The Colts have Peyton Manning calling the shots, while the Jets are left with an overmatched and wide-eyed Mark Sanchez. My God, is Sanchez terrible or what? I haven’t seen a quarterback make so many bad decisions since Steve McNair. (Ouch. Too soon?)

Just bad throw after bad throw from a kid who should still be playing college football and living the dream out in Southern Cal. And all that fuss the first two weeks of the season for nothing. The Jets are circling the drain, while the Pats, thanks to a little help from a few other AFC teams, are now tied for second overall in the conference.

There was nothing special about today’s win. It was just another business-like performance from a good football team that should help ease some of the pain from last week’s debacle at Indy.

And now for some random thoughts from today’s game:

*  If I hear Darrelle Revis complain one more time about how Randy Moss disrespected him after Week 2, I’m going to puke. Darelle, buddy, listen to me for a minute. SHUT UP. You are the top cornerback on a dreadful 4-6 team that isn’t going anywhere this season. You’re like the Zack Greinke of the NFL. You’ve got enough talent to win some individual awards, but there’s no chance you’ll be lifting a championship trophy anytime soon. Oh, and by the way I like Greinke. You’re just an annoying asshole with a big mouth.

*  I’m pretty sure Bill Belichick has thrown more challenge flags the last two weeks than Tom Brady has thrown passes. Relax there, big guy. Maybe it’s time we put that flag in a glass case with the words ‘BREAK ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY’ printed on the front.

*  Brady needs to sign an endorsement deal with a watch company. Maybe then all these ridiculous delay of game penalties will go away.

*  As much as I want to bash Laurence Maroney for another costly fumble, in reality he had a pretty good game tonight. Yes, there was the usual amount of dancing at the line of scrimmage, but at least he made something of it with a few good gains and a pair of touchdowns.

*  Have I mentioned that Mark Sanchez is awful?

*  Randy Moss might be New England’s most explosive receiver, but Wes Welker is the most reliable. Fifteen catches tonight put him in second place all-time on the Patriots’ single game list. The guy just always finds a way to get the job done. The Pats would be lost without him.

*  Thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders for pulling out key wins against AFC foes Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, respectively. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be thanking those two teams for anything.



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