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Were they screaming boo or Boss?

Posted by bigblue123 on November 22, 2009

Some thoughts on today’s Giants/Falcons game:

The Falcons tied the Giants, 31-31, with less than a minute to go and it seemed like Atlanta was destined to beat the NY Giants, spinning the G-Men further out of control. Those diehard (at least for now) Big Blue fans were booing when earlier they had been screaming ‘Boss’ after the monster tight end’s second TD reception. Atlanta came back from 14 points down to negate a personal best yardage day for Peyton’s little brother Eli. (Please also note that it was Eli’s first-ever 300+ yard game at the Meadowlands!)

New York, perhaps gathering inspiration from their Knicks brethren, who knocked off the Nets last night, rallied for a 34-31 OT victory. Honestly, winning the coin flip in overtime seemed necessary as porous as the defense had looked late in the fourth quarter. These are not your 2007 vintage Giants. That much-loved, swaggering, sacking, rampaging bunch has been replaced with a cautious, try-not-to-lose team VERY lucky to be 6-4.

Don’t get me wrong, my salt-stained Giants cap is firmly attched to my balding dome. But the Giants ran for 90 yards and were penalized eight times for 64 yards. That has never been the formula for Giant postseason success. Eli was great, going 25-for-39 for 384 yards and a QB rating of 111.5  He also spread it around with four receivers having five or more catches and more than 65 yards. (Boss had 2 TDs and Manningham had six catches for 126).

These are not vintage Giants. The defense is breaking more after bending  – they are LAST in red zone defense. The once rarely penalized Giants are now beating themselves and the run game has been slowed dramatically. The playoffs are a realistic goal, but I wonder how deep the Giants can go relying on a passing game as the winds roar in December and January?

Then again, Dallas stands at 7-3, just one game ahead after narrowly beating the Skins in Dallas. Giant fans, keep your fingers crossed – maybe there is magic left in the Meadowlands. It just seems this team lacks that no-holds-barred, all- in defensive backbone of other years.

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