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Mile High Sigh

Posted by bigblue123 on November 27, 2009

On a day when the finger-pointing should have been at the relative who snatched the last turkey leg, the Giants and their fans were pointing fingers at every aspect of yesterday’s game (and this was before the game) and finding fault. Note to Giants – how ’bout shutting up and playing? Big Blue fans are turning into spoiled brats and the worse part about it is the team is reflecting the attitude.

Nothing worked in the 26-6 loss to the Broncos last night and you could sense that the Giants and their fans were defeated before the game began. I can’t tell you the number of babyish complaints that were registered (note I am a Giant fan) Here are some of them – its not fair to travel across country and play on a Thursday, the air is thin in Denver, the game is not on national television, we have no running game, Eli looks lost, Denver’s line plays dirty. You get my drift. We all know that excuses are for…

The Giants are 6-5 and have home games remaining with Philly and Dallas. Both teams have their own sets of issues and Tony Romo is harder to find in December than a sales clerk in Best Buy. The Giants are playing poorly but the real issue is our beloved BLUE collar giants have become overrated, over-exposed underachievers. Both the Giants and their fans have come to expect success and this is the dangerous part.

The Giants team that won the Super Bowl was a talented group of players, motivated to prove they belong  against a more talented Pats squad. The current same group of players is a self-satisfied group of bullies. Capable of beating the bad teams but backing down when punched in the face by teams as good and talented as they are.

After the latest defeat, it’s past time to put aside all of the accolades and past accomplishments and realize we are 6-5. As Bill Parcells says, you are what your record says you are – mediocre.


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