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Bruins finally off life support

Posted by bdowd625 on November 29, 2009

That sound you hear is the Bruins’ pulse. After a sluggish, injury-filled, extremely disappointing start, the B’s are FINALLY showing signs of life. Last night’s shootout win over the Ottawa Senators (Wow, another shootout? You don’t say.) was their sixth victory in the last 10 games and it moved them into first place atop the Northeast Division with 31 points. I hate to project, but if the season ended today, they’d be the No. 3 seed in the playoffs. That’s not too shabby considering how they looked just two short weeks ago. Perhaps Claude Julien’s speech calling them out really did wonders. Getting most of their players healthy and back in the lineup can’t hurt either.

They still have a long way to go – especially with Milan Lucic out another month – but the Bruins are starting to play to their potential. Now if we could just start winning games in regulation, maybe my blood pressure would go down.

In other hockey news, the San Jose Sharks are once again the top team in the Western Conference with 38 points. Anyone else sensing another 100-point regular season and first-round exit from the playoffs? What a tease they are.



2 Responses to “Bruins finally off life support”

  1. bigblue123 said

    Whew hockey- is that the game with the black disk that you can never see on tevlevision and if at that game can never find becuase you are always hammered drinking molson golden?

    • bdowd625 said

      Hahaha. If you’re watching on an HD TV, hockey is probably the best sport to view. But yes, when watching in person everyone gets hammered.

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