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Laying an egg

Posted by bdowd625 on November 30, 2009

What an absolute embarrassment that was. I just wasted three hours of my night for that? The following is a list of things I would rather have done in place of watching that dismal performance from the Patriots: go to work, clean my bathroom, drink bleach or listen to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” Any of those four things would have been more entertaining/fun. I cover high school sports for a living and New England’s defense tonight was some of the worst I’ve ever seen at any level. How many times did Drew Brees throw the ball to one of his receivers without any defenders even on the TV screen? Hell, the Coast Guard would’ve had a tough time finding the Patriot defense tonight.

And the offense was equally as terrible. Brady made some absolutely dreadful decisions, with both his interceptions being two of the worst throws I’ve ever seen him make. It also felt like New Orleans had about 30 guys on defense at all times. The guys in the booth kept saying they were rushing only three defenders but on every play it was a constant stream of Saints in Brady’s face.

New Orleans hit harder, ran faster and simply wanted it more tonight. The Patriots have taken another step back with this loss and now only appear capable of beating mediocre teams. That’s just fine to get you into the playoffs, but you’re not going to beat anyone once you get there if you keep this up.

Some other reactions from tonight’s mess:

*  Laurence Maroney fumbled AGAIN. Shocker.

*  Brees is a hell of a quarterback, there’s no denying that. But the way the announcers were talking about him, you’d think he was making the greatest throws ever seen. How open were his receivers? I could’ve made those throws and I lost my right arm in a trash compactor earlier today.

*  My prediction about Wes Welker was way off. The only time I really saw him tonight was when he was on the sideline grimacing after another awful offensive drive.

*  Everyone should recognize Mike McKenzie as one of the original dreadlocked defensive backs in the NFL. The Patriots seem to have at least 20 guys rocking that hairstyle now, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Don’t worry, Mikey. I’ve got your back.


8 Responses to “Laying an egg”

  1. bigblue123 said

    As to things I would NOT rather do -waste 3 hours of my time watching the Giants lay an even bigger egg versus the Broncos Thursday nite. Saints unedefeated as are the Colts, we know how that’s ended recently (sorry Pat fans) – the team I fear most in the NFC is Minnesota. Favre seems to have that kismetykarma thing goind — must be hard typing without that right paw Bren – one note is I think that the Pats are better than the Colts-

  2. richard—–see ‘” in these times” i just discovered it—my kind of discussion—yo uncle

  3. Sorry for the disappointment but such is sports lol. Don’t give up on them though.

  4. John said

    Ever since the Patriots were prevented from videotaping their opponents calls, they have come back to the reality of the NFL, and that they are only a decent team. Surpise surprise…

    • bdowd625 said

      So let’s see if I’ve got this right… The Pats get caught videotaping after Game 1 of the 2007 season, then proceed to win 17 straight games before that heartbreaker in the Super Bowl. Maybe, just maybe, they’re not as good as they were before? Instead, everyone else just likes to hate on them and say they were cheating.

  5. Nikki Hahn said

    I’m not really into sports at all, but your post is very funny and entertaining. I enjoyed reading it especially the part about what you would rather do than watch this game as well as losing your arm in a trash compacter. lol.

    • bdowd625 said

      Thanks Nikki! I guess that’s the highest praise I can receive since you don’t even like sports but you still read it. Keep on reading!

  6. I saw the match even though I’m still learning about NFL (thanks to my NFL maniac of a husband) but I knew the pats lost the game. They couldn’t match up to the saints in any department and if a noob like me can get that I bet anybody else can too.

    p.s- Enjoyed the post!

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