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It’ll be here before you know it

Posted by bdowd625 on December 3, 2009

I know it’s only beginning to get cold out and winter hasn’t even started yet, but I’m in a baseball mood. Deal with it. I can only take so much of the NBA and NHL before I start getting antsy again. Now is one of those times. Either way, the Red Sox will be headed back to spring training in about two and a half months. The thought of them returning to Fort Myers makes me all tingly inside. (Maybe I should get that checked out.) Regardless, here are some thoughts on the Sox and some things that have been going on with the team the last few weeks.

*  Theo Epstein, boy wonder and GM extraordinaire, has completely botched the shortstop situation once again. After bringing back Alex Gonzalez late last season (a fine move in my opinion), we have to deal with another gaping hole at the position as the clock winds down on 2009. Gonzo has better hands than anyone I’ve ever seen – and that includes George Costanza in that modeling episode of Seinfeld – and yet they let him walk again. So what if you didn’t want to fork over the $6 million his option called for? Pay him $3 million instead. That way he gets a good chunk of money and stays out of Toronto, where they landed him for a paltry $2.75 million. Now rumors are swirling that Dustin Pedroia is willing to shift to the position. The only time Pedroia and short should be in the same sentence is when we’re talking about his height. He’s an angry little elf!

*  And don’t even get me started on Marco Scutaro. He sounds like he should be in the World Explorer Hall of Fame with that name, along with the likes of Christopher Columbus, Francis Drake and whoever the hell else you’ve forgotten about since taking that world history class back in the fourth grade. What land did you discover, Marco? What’s that? The Land of Misfit Shortstops? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

*  What’s the fascination with Matt Holliday? It’s obvious he’s another one of Theo’s Pals, one of these ridiculous infatuations the GM has with slightly above average players. Edgar Renterria, Julio Lugo, J.D. Drew and now this guy. He’s good in the National League and he sucks in the AL. Plus he’s a lousy defensive outfielder. Remember that line drive he took off the nuts against the Dodgers in the NLDS? Yeah, that’s exactly the type of guy I want roaming around out in front of the Green Monster. Jason Bay please.

*  There have also been whispers of the Sox possibly making a push for Miguel Cabrera. A tremendous talent? He certainly is. An out-of-shape mess? Yup, he’s got the market cornered on that, too. He could lead the Sox in homeruns and most tequila shots at Sully’s Tap and neither would surprise me. I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole idea.

*  And finally, do the Sox have a realistic shot of landing Roy Halladay? They’d have to give up the farm to get him and, in all honesty, he’s getting up there in years and innings pitched. The Jays have run him into the ground the last few seasons and I don’t know how much he has left in the tank. With that said, he’d give the Sox the best rotation in baseball as soon as he suited up.

Check back periodically for more baseball updates.

6 Responses to “It’ll be here before you know it”

  1. AD3 said

    Bro, you’re sadlyyy mistaken. My hands are friggin dirt devils. You’ve obviously never seen me play The Show. Im on like a 14.2 inning errorless streak. Boom.

    • bdowd625 said

      Obviously, I haven’t. Maybe you should buy me a PS3 and that game for Christmas and then I can experience it firsthand.

  2. proudpapa22 said

    Nice. Love the angry elf reference. AD3: Sure you’ve got great hands, but what are you going to do with it once you catch it????? I suppose you could just run home and tag the plate!! Ouch!

  3. 413zFinest said

    By reading your column I’m not sure you and I watched the same Miggy Cabrera last year. If you want to talk about him being out of shape 2 3 4 years ago I have no quips about that, but this year? Are you kidding me? He was very obviously trimmed down and his numbers, I felt, reflected that. You are bad mouthing every move the Red Sox have made/thought of making and don’t leave any solutions. How about some input on what you’d do with the situations left at hand? Adrian Gonzalez is not coming here, it’s obvious that nobody knows our prospects better than Hoyer and he isn’t settling for Redick and Bowden for the face of the franchise and the only thing that brings asses to the seats. I don’t see any other solution to the middle of the lineup other than Cabrera. I agree Theo has botched the SS position as of right now but give it time. It’s December.

  4. bdowd625 said

    I just don’t know if Cabrera has it all together mentally. He had that drinking incident at the end of last season on the eve of the Tigers’ biggest game of the year. Granted, he does look better physically than when he first arrived in Detroit, but I’m just not sure he has his head on straight yet. He is still pretty young, though.
    And you’re right about Adrian Gonzalez, I don’t see him ending up here either. Good point about Hoyer.

  5. Uncle Dan said

    John Lackey not Halliday is the answer. Save Money, Minor league prospects and if your wrong on either player you mimimise losses to the team with Lackey. Matt Halliday is no gold glove for sure but neither is Jason Bay. Bay has better power numbers. and we know he can play in Boston. Halliday has better avg. but a lot of that was in Colorado and a short (contract driven time in St. Louis ) Why take a chance go after Bay. Give him his four years 17/18 million. After Ortiz is done which might be after this year Bay could be DH

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