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Pats vs. Dolphins – Who ya got?

Posted by bdowd625 on December 5, 2009

I’ve got to be honest. I’m having a tough time getting pumped up for tomorrow’s Patriots game. I spent so much energy gearing up for the Colts and Saints games – both losses – that I’m struggling to summon the same emotion for a lesser opponent like the Miami Dolphins. I’m still down after last week’s debacle at New Orleans I guess. The Pats are just terrible against good teams and this game really doesn’t seem to carry the same weight as the last few have. Yes, New England will most likely win, but what does that really prove? They’ll pad their lead in the AFC East, but the rewards seem to end there. Anybody else as indifferent as I am right now?

I see the Pats rolling to a fairly comfortable 27-14 victory. I just don’t know how excited I’ll actually be watching it. Some other predictions for tomorrow’s game:

*  Tom Brady carves up the Miami defense like a Thanksgiving turkey. I expected Brady to have a monster game last week and he looked worse than Tim Thomas in Montreal last night. And that’s hard to come by when you’re busy getting torched for five goals. Yes, I’m pissed at the Bruins right now. But I digress. I’ll be amazed if Brady strings together two clunkers in a row.

*  Laurence Maroney? Enough said. I’m going to keep prediciting at least one fumble from him until he proves me wrong.

*  Strong games out of Randy Moss and Wes Welker. They were as hard to find last week as Ferris Bueller in Ben Stein’s history class. Moss? Moss? Moss? Welker? Welker? Welker? They should be back in class tomorrow. I see the two combining for 20 catches and about 200 yards.

*  As far as the Pats defense goes, you’ll have a better chance of seeing Jonathan Wilhite spontaneously combust on the field than you will of seeing him actually break up a pass. The same goes for the rest of New England’s secondary.

*  Since we haven’t heard a word from Joey Porter all week, chances are he will actually show up tomorrow. Something like two sacks and 10 tackles. Then we will have to listen to him bitch and moan for the rest of the season about how he dominated the Pats.

*  Bill Belichick has started to look as lost as Charlie Weis on the sidelines. Raise your hand if you thought that would ever happen? I’m thinking someone makes a big play at some point on offense to light a fire under his ass and maybe, just maybe, he cracks a smile or throws a fist pump.

Check back after the game for some analysis.


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