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Time to panic? You bet

Posted by bdowd625 on December 6, 2009

And suddenly nothing seems guaranteed anymore. The Patriots have slipped to 7-5 following another crushing defeat, this time at the hands of the pathetic Miami Dolphins. The rest of the AFC East, as bad as it can be sometimes, has quietly hung around, and now the Jets and Dolphins are both looming just one game back in the standings. (Sorry Buffalo fans, the Bills aren’t in that category.)

If there’s one thing this New England team is good at, it’s busting out of the gate and setting an early tempo. Like that bomb Tom Brady threw to Randy Moss early on. That’s a pretty loud opening statement. Conversely, the Pats also take their foot off the gas pedal way too soon. These games against the Dolphins and Jets shouldn’t be this close. They should be blowouts. The Patriots have way more weapons than both of those squads and yet they allow them to stay in games. It’s super frustrating as a fan, especially when it ends in a loss.

Just a few short weeks ago the playoffs seemed like a foregone conclusion. Now it’s anybody’s guess. The last four games should be interesting. Now for some random thoughts on today’s game:

*  What the hell is going on with Brady? It’d be one thing if he sucked for the duration of these games, but he’s getting off to red-hot starts and then looking like Jay Cutler in the second half. Some beautiful passes to Moss and Wes Welker early on and then two more back-breaking interceptions, one inside the red zone, the other when he should have just taken a sack. It’s like Jekyl and Hyde out there right now.

*  The New England pass rush, if you can even call it that, is pathetic. I thought I saw Chad Henne lie down, take a nap, read a book, eat a slice of pizza and STILL have enough time to complete a pass against the Pats defense today. A few of those plays looked a lot like the Eli Manning to David Tyree fiasco from the Super Bowl a couple years ago, when they simply couldn’t drag him down and he winds up completing a huge pass in a key spot. I’m breaking out in hives just thinking about it. Moving on.

*  Speaking of Henne, that kid’s got one hell of an arm. He proved today that if he gets enough time to throw the ball, he can do some serious damage. Good for him. I’m sick of Chad Pennington anyway, so maybe Henne will get a chance to start next season, too. He was certainly the better of the two University of Michigan quarterbacks on the field today.

*  So what if Jonathan Wilhite has blazing speed? He falls down more than those old people from the Life Alert commercials. (Help me! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! And the Dolphins are about to score again!) The next pass he breaks up will be his first. I hate how I have to hear everyone say, “But he’s lightning quick!” Then go sign him up for the 100-meter dash and get him the hell off the field.

*  Laurence Maroney didn’t fumble once! The apocalypse is upon us!

*  It’s getting to the point now where it feels like the Pats are playing not to lose instead of playing to win. The last few games I haven’t had a good feeling down the stretch and it’s been a long time since I’ve had to say that about this team. We’re really going to see what they’re made of in the coming weeks.

One Response to “Time to panic? You bet”

  1. Uncle Dan said

    You were right on with all of your comments. A few more things to think about is other than Mayo who can’t do it alone the linebacking is terrible. The secondary is either to inexperienced or to old and slow. Anyone who does not believe we are in a rebuilding phase has no clue. And dare I say the unthinkable the coaching staff from the top to bottom seems totally overmatched right now.

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