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An ESPN rant

Posted by bigblue123 on December 10, 2009

This morning listening to Mike & Mike, a show that I adore by the way,  Mike Greenberg was hammering the spokesperson for the Orlando-area hospital that treated Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law. (I guess it’s too early to say ex-mother-in-law.) The hospital mispronounced her Swedish name and these guys were all over them for not doing their job. Hmmm… ESPN is a media outlet and we are supposed to believe that everyone was caught unaware by Tiger’s vast appetite for morally-challenged women? These “journalists” either looked the other way OR were not aware that this was going on. (This is NO moral judgment on my part.)
I’ve heard that a man is as loyal to his wife as his options and I chuckled but thought about it. This is about ESPN and Golf Digest ignoring this story to further their own business and not for the last weeks – for years! Imagine if this was broken months ago by ESPN or Golf Digest – they would have never had access to Tiger again. While the most well-known athlete in the world is cavorting with porn stars, ESPN is interviewing poker stars in Vegas.  Hell, ESPN film crews probably crossed Tiger’s path during the World Series of Poker. Is there any bimbo in Vegas that Tiger hasn’t slept with or any poker player that ESPN hasn’t featured?
While I am at it on ESPN, how about hiring some ex-coaches WITHOUT trails of NCAA violations. Now, maybe these are the guys who are more interesting, but ESPN should have a bit more of a set  or not lecture some poor hospital spokesperson about doing their job.

Just heard one of their anchors say, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Are you freaking kidding me?? I am as single-minded a sports fan as there is and am addicted to ESPN but they are turning into a network of preachers. Give it up. Anybody feel this way out there?

2 Responses to “An ESPN rant”

  1. Jeff Evans said

    I agree!

    “…how about hiring some ex-coaches WITHOUT trails of NCAA violations.”

    There’s a reason they’re currently unemployed. Why do you think Matt Millen works for them? They’re the only people that want him.

  2. Buff1 said

    ESPN covering the Brian Kelly presser — “nobody does it better than Notre Dame” said Brian Kelly- — Brain where have you been buddy??? man, if you are a Cincy player you gotta be thinking that this was a big time putdown talking about good students and good players!! “he loves the mission of Notre dame” – -Kelly fitting right into the holier than thou attidtude and we’re better than everyone else– -pompous!
    talking about his dream of caoching Notre dame — he stole that one from pitinoe who ALWAYS wanted to coach the Knicks, then Kentucky, then the Celts, then Louisville etc
    Check out next year’s schedule and you can see them with 10 wins EASY. West michigan, army, some real pushovers

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