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Nothing to write home about

Posted by bdowd625 on December 13, 2009

Let’s get one thing straight. A win is a win, so I’m not complaining, especially at this point in the season. But that performance by the Patriots was one of the most uninspired, lackluster and sloppy efforts I’ve ever seen. This was a grueling week for New England, so I fully expected them to come out and drop the hammer against Carolina. Instead we got to see fumbles, dropped passes and cheerleaders bundled up in winter gear straight out of the movie Fargo. No good, no good at all.

Brady played well enough to win, but certainly not like the stud we’ve grown to love in recent years. Thankfully, he has Wes Welker. Is that guy a beast or what? Clutch grab after clutch grab to help the Pats keep the chains moving. And it was good to see Stephen Gostkowski get in on the action today. That kid is an asset that New England doesn’t use nearly enough.

The Pats really needed this one to keep pace with the Jets and Dolphins, who both won today.  They have three games left with a one-game lead in the AFC East. Let’s just pray they hang on.

Some other random thoughts from today’s game:.

*  Randy Moss disappeared faster than Tiger Woods’ endorsement deals. He simply wasn’t with it today, as evidenced by his dropped passes, fumble and that dreadful false start call. Was it just a lousy day after a trying week? Or should we expect this out of Moss since history dictates that he’s probably checked out for the rest of the year? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

*  I don’t want to see Bill Belichick within 100 yards of a challenge flag for the rest of the season. Call it his own personal restraining order if you’d like.

*  There’s an old adage that says defensive backs are wide receivers who can’t catch. Ain’t that the truth. How many times did the Patriot secondary have a chance to snag an interception and simply have the ball bounce off their hands? At least 37 by my count and I’m awesome at counting.

*  Matt Moore’s passes were in the air longer than some cross-country flights. How the Patriots didn’t pick him off more is beyond me. Oh yeah, that’s right. See above.

*  The Panthers had more illegal shifts than a Nike sweatshop employee.

*  I thought I saw Pat Patriot – the New England mascot who recently got busted in a prostitution ring – dryhumping one of Belichick’s sons on the sidelines. I could be mistaken, though.

*  Is that Laurence Maroney out there actually performing like a No. 1 running back? Nah, it can’t be.

*  Gillette Stadium is quieter than a church during a funeral service. Wake the hell up, people. So what if we’re not going 16-0 this season? That doesn’t mean you stop cheering. On the contrary, it actually means the team needs you more than ever. I hope all those corporate assholes remember that the next time they sit in their field-level seats sipping on their bottles of champagne.


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