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Lackey to the Sox?

Posted by bdowd625 on December 14, 2009

Several media outlets are reporting at this hour that John Lackey has taken a physical with the Red Sox and may soon become the team’s newest starting pitcher. Check out Ken Rosenthal’s story for more.

I’m curious to see what people think about this signing if it goes through. Lackey adds another great arm to an already deep Sox rotation, but he is 31 and is rumored to be getting A.J. Burnett money. That’s pretty steep, but good starting pitching does win championships.

What are your thoughts? Leave them here.


2 Responses to “Lackey to the Sox?”

  1. Mark said

    He will be a solid #3 pitcher this season and provides the Sox with some leverage over Beckett when negotiations begin over a contract extension

  2. Uncle Dan said

    On Dec.3 I left a comment that Lackey was the best move not Halliday. After much discussion with Theo I was able to convince him I was right and he decided to pull the trigger. Now I just have to convince him to suck it up for this year and do 16.5 times 4 for Bay. This year it makes it tough especially with Lowell and David still on the books. Next year you save 3m with Tek, 12m with lowell( who is such a class guy), and depending on what you get from David Ortiz then make a decision. With another year under thier belts the outfield prospects Westmorland, Reddick and Ryan Kalish might be able to step in. All this is achieved without giving up any top line prospects, including the outfielders, Casey kelly or Inglasis the 19 yr old shortstop.

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