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A Giants rant

Posted by bigblue123 on December 15, 2009

Before many of the Giants faithful were seated on Sunday night it was 14-0 Philadelphia. Section 339 was strewn with Eagle fans doing some type of bird motion that was as childish as it was infuriating. The final score was not as indicative of how easily the Eagles won. (45-38 Philly.)

It seemed like the Eagles were as dangerous from their own 30 as they were deep inside Giant territory. DeSean Jackson was open more frequently than Walmart during shopping season. Not sure what the deal was with Giants secondary. Is it defensive coordinator Sheridan, injuries or just general inability to cover receivers?  I thought the exile of CC Brown to special teams (there he was able to hurt us with a holding penalty as well – the guy is useless) and Ross getting a start would help. Note Ross was beaten and out of position (he was the guy #31  diving and flailing as Jackson backpedaled into the end zone). Aaron Ross is a good player when used as a cornerback but as a safety he looked lost.

The  Giants took a 31-30 lead after a Hixon touchdown but it lasted 19 seconds. That was the story of the game. Giants fall behind, struggle to catch up and Eagles score like they were being defended by their teenage little brothers.

All in all a disappointing game. Giants stand 7-6 but are playing almost as bad as Cowboys (8-5). It looks like the last wild card might come down to one of those two teams (sorry 49er fans). Next week the Giants play Washington and despite being 4-9, they are playing better and all of their losses are by 7 points or less. Dallas journeys to New Orleans so the G-men are not out of it but the way they are playing it’s not encouraging.

I go to maybe 3-4 NFL games yearly, most of them at the Meadowlands and there is nothing worse than a night game in December. The weather, this time, was not the issue. It poured all day but by game time it was mid 40s and almost warm – no rain. The problem was quasi Giant fans with beer muscles and beer goggles and weak bladders.

Here’s a thought- beers are $8.50 a clip at the Meadowlands. Drinking 12 of them during the course of the first half is expensive AND makes you spend more time getting up and down to take a leak than watching the Giants. I don’t give a rat’s ass about you spending more time staring down a urinal cake than the game but do I really need to get up and down 10 times a half as you alternate pissing and getting more brews. Stay in the parking lot and tailgate and its cheaper and you’ll see about as much of the game.

Gotta say my wife was a trooper at the game — -she was screaming for defense (a futile effort I must add) until the onside recovery by the Eagles with less than two minutes left. She drank a halftime hot chocolate not a dozen brews. Bitched and moaned when learning that they did not sell wine on the upper levels – –She was born and bred in Patriot country but has seen “the light.” (That’s for you Bren!)


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