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More Mets and no ranting

Posted by bigblue123 on December 17, 2009

Our fearless leader has entitled my latest two blog posts “rants.” Honestly, that bothered me — being a middle aged guy, I try and avoid ranting. It scares people (I’m 6’5″ and halfway between 200 and 300 pounds) and every time I see Frank Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond on the tube I think “not me.”

So, here’s a sorry to my last three targets of rants.

To beer drinkers extraordinaire in section 339 at the Meadowlands – “sorry.” It’s selfish of me to be annoyed — it’s your right to guzzle beer non-stop and urinate incessantly during a game. How else could you enjoy the game? I promise to be more cordial as you stomp over me headed to the men’s room muttering obscenities.

To ESPN; sorry. It’s gotta be hard to wade through the thousands of resumes that you get monthly. So many of those sports journalists — so qualified and so experienced. Much better and easier to just whittle the competition down by hiring ex-coaches with NCAA violations in their history. Now, I understand it allows you more time for the real business of ESPN — coming up with new ways to show the hole cards at a poker tournament. Shame on me —  I keep watching!

Finally, sorry to Omar Minaya and “Bravo” on your latest signing. While the Sox were nabbing Lackey and division rival Philadelphia was signing Halladay — you were globetrotting and bringing back Ryota Igarashi from Japan.  Thanks, Omar. I would imagine that the Tommy John surgery he had two years ago has mended and his team (the Yakuit Swallows) will really miss him. I hear it’s almost as tough to play in Yakuit as it is in New York.  A fringe benefit is that maybe this signing will enable us to go out and resign Ken Takahashi. Thanks Omar — just living that Citi Field dream. How’s season ticket sales going anyway? ( I couldn’t resist that one jab)

That’s it — sorry to all and to all a good night!


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