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One loss away

Posted by bigblue123 on December 21, 2009

The Giants (7-6) play the Redskins (4-9) tonight and, unlike the Patriots, the Giants are one loss away from getting coal in their playoff stockings this season. The Cowboys  (9-5) upset the Saints and remain one game ahead of our (mine anyway) Giants. If the teams end up tied, the Giants get the nod but another loss would be fatal.

The Redskins are playing better than the Giants – they are only 4-9 but basically had the Saints, Cowboys and Eagles beaten. Both teams are 2-6 over their last 8 games.

The weather might work in the Giants favor. The Skins pass defense is stronger than their run defense and vice versa for the G-Men (What defense ? It might be a legit question for Big Blue). Washington ranks 23rd against the run and 4th against the pass. Allowing only 19.3 points per game, Washington’s defense has come to play more often than their offense. By contrast, the Giants allow 25.4 ppg!  With snow and cold temperatures, maybe the Giants formerly strong run game will be resurrected.

There is no love lost between these teams but its not absolute hatred and disgust. Its a division rivalry and it seems that these teams are never good at the same time – Giant fans tolerate the Skin fans and vice versa. Everyone hates the Cowboys and their  fans! Everyone hates Eagles fans!

The Skins are without Clinton Portis (their leading rusher) and the Giants are without defensive back Webster and tackle  MacKenzie. The Giants have had a rash of injuries but this team with or without injuries is underperforming. Remember how the Giants defensive line would terrorize QBs??  New York has only 26 sacks this season compared to 36 for Washington. All these stats mean nothing, though. The Giants have more to play for than the Skins but the Skins are playing better.

I view a closely fought Washington victory as the most likely outcome with a low score – how bout 16-14 Washington. It will kill me and the Giants playoff hopes but . . the pixie dust of the Giants Super Bowl win two years ago has officially worn off.


One Response to “One loss away”

  1. Anonymous said

    Ouch- horrible prediction but a big win for Giants. This is the defense that held Dallas to one late TD losing 7-6 in Dallas??

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