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Posted by bigblue123 on December 27, 2009


On so many levels, the NY Giants’ 41-9 loss to the Carolina Panthers was defenseless. The lack of focus, intensity and spirit was defenseless. The tackling and total physical domination by the Panthers was defenseless. Finally, the fact that the once 5-0 Giants are staggeringly now 8-7 and going to miss the playoffs is also defenseless.

For those of us who bleed Big Blue, this massacre left us looking like slaughtered smurfs. “Stop it right now” if you are thinking that Manningham’s 1st quarter fumble was the turning point. This football game was like a NASCAR race, it had no twists and turns- just one long, inexorable Giant slumber. We got our tails kicked and this is really not surprising.

Our offense line played older and looked slower this year – (O’Hara 32, MacKenzie 30, Seubert 30, Snee 27 and Diehl29). The Giants were outrushed 247-60 in this loss and that was the story of the year. Brandon Jacobs (6 rushes 1 yard) has become more pugilist than running back. Madison Hedgecock (with a huge late meaningless drop but a crucial early holding penalty) has proven again and again his hands were made for holding and not catching.

The defense hmmmm. After the game, Osi Umenyiora said that he would not be back and probably had played his last game as a Giant. Some would say that he had “”played” his last game quite a while ago.  To say the Giants played swiss cheese defense is an insult to swiss cheese everywhere. The Panthers rushed for 247 yards with an average of 6.2 yards per carry.

Good teams overcome obstacles. The Giants were supposedly doomed by the early Manningham fumble. The Giants were doomed by the fact that they are an average NFL team. That’s it.

The Meadowlands deserved better on its last day dressed in Giant blue.  After 35 years and 3 Giant Super Bowl champs,the Giants have played their last game there. In an irony that left Giant fans green with Jet envy – the last game at Giants Stadium will be played by the Jets as they host the Bengals in a quest for a playoff berth next weekend.

Tangled all up in Giant blues.


One Response to “Defenseless”

  1. mikeman said

    What can I say? I’m completely tangled up in boooooooooooo

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