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Lamarr Woodley brings pathetic Steelers to new low

Posted by bdowd625 on December 30, 2009

This story about Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Lamarr Woodley made my day today. Apparently Woodley, in typical Steeler jerkoff fashion, is prediciting that the Patriots and Bengals will “lay down” in their season finales against the Texans and Jets, respectively. The Steelers need both teams to win in order for them to get into the playoffs, so he’s stooped to calling them out, saying that they will lose on purpose. Newsflash, Lamarr. The Pats and Bengals have played well enough this season to clinch playoff berths and do whatever the hell they want in Week 17. New England could run Scott Zolak out there at quarterback and I wouldn’t care at this point. That’s what happens when you qualify for the postseason a little early – you’ve earned the right to rest your starters, go for the win or not even show up at the stadium that day.

Not in Steelerland, however. Where they’re from, everyone needs to bow down and lay everything on the line so they can get back to the postseason. After all, these are the mighty Steelers we’re talking about here. The same mighty Steelers that lost five straight during the regular season to the likes of the Raiders and Chiefs. But, as Woodley says, every team will be scared of Pittsburgh if they get to the playoffs. Doubtful. Your team is actually pretty pathetic.

The Steelers are another one of my least favorite teams in the NFL, so I hope the Pats start all their second-stringers and get absolutely annihilated on Sunday. The Bengals too. It’s not their job to make sure you get to the playoffs, Lamarr. You’re going to find that out the hard way soon enough. Now go give that Super Bowl trophy a kiss goodbye.


One Response to “Lamarr Woodley brings pathetic Steelers to new low”

  1. Uncle Dan said

    Very good points. They also can be applied to all colts fans who are bitching for refunds because their team layed down and lost lasy week.

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