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Less than defenseless

Posted by bigblue123 on January 4, 2010

It took me a bit to write this blog post about the Giants’ season finale.

I’d like to say that I was recovering from my plunge into Lake George on New Year’s Day. Hey, all you global warming (now climate change) psychos – where’s your freakishly warm temps now?? Over 1,000 nut jobs jumped into the frigid lake that day – no shortage of polar bears in Upstate New York. (If the weather keeps dropping that’s where they’ll be soon enough too.) Before you email me, I do believe in climate change just not letting it monopolize my thoughts. Unlike Al Gore and Johnny Travolta- I always fly commercial and green is my favorite color (because I’m Irish and not because it’s the color of EPA money coming my way).

Oh yeah, the G-Men. Thank God for ESPN. I have learned that the Giants gave up 40+ points for only the second time in their history in back-to-back games. I learned that they became the fifth team in NFL history (in the wild card era) to go 5-0 and miss the playoffs. Just love ESPN for how much it teaches me about the ineptitude of my team.

The Giants rolled over like your favorite pooch yesterday. Brett Favre looked great, the Giants looked like, well, liked they looked when they lost to Carolina 41-9 the week before. Oh, well the Knicks are on the improve at 14-20 and the Metsies inked J Bay. At least its not 100% despair on those two fronts. We’ll see though.

Change is acomin’ to my favorite NFL team, which unraveled faster than a cheap sweater. I’d like to say that I’m not worried but that would be a lie. It especially bothers me that our strengths became our weaknesses and that always worries me. Our defense (see above) is a laughingstock. Vikings were running patterns with only officials in the same zip code for company. We had 30 turnovers this year after setting an NFL record the year before with 14. The running game, once also an asset, got nowhere.

A lot to worry about and fix. Time to wave the white flag and say “Go Pats.”


2 Responses to “Less than defenseless”

  1. Pat Nassaney said

    Yes tough year for the G-Men–glad it is over after watching those last 2 games. Was very happy to see the firing of D-coordinator Sheridan, and even happier to hear the rumors of them talking to old friend Pepper Johnson. Would love to see him come back home and get the Blue D-back to the level of past championship seasons.

  2. bigblue123 said

    Not sure Pepper is ready to be defensive coordinator (not sure he isn’t for that matter) – G-Men let defensive line coach go last night- loved John Mara’s rant on Monday. Love the Maras but they gotta look in the mirror TOO- – -those PSLs have driven a lot of loyal fans out of the new stadium and I heard someone say it was Karma . I understand sports is a business but $10k personal seat licenses will drive a lot of average guys away — that might be what management wants bu be careful what you wish for. The new giants stadium might be quieter and if times get tought for the team (not the economy) “new” Giants fans might not be so loyal as the older DEFINITELY were!

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