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Chiarelli on the verge of blowing up Bruins

Posted by Bill Koch on March 3, 2010

Peter Chiarelli

Let the dismantling of the Boston Bruins begin.

Peter Chiarelli fired the first shot across the bow of this Bruins’ season by trading defenseman Derek Morris to Phoenix on Wednesday for a fourth-round draft pick in 2011. I can’t wait to see how Boston spins this one (my guess – “We made this move to shake up the roster”), but whatever statement they make is certain to be absolute bullshit as usual.

Mr. Magoo (Chiarelli’s name on this blog from now until Ramble On ceases to exist) personally recruited Morris to Boston this summer and viewed him as an upgrade from the cheaper Aaron ward, who was due to make $2.5 million this season. Magoo shipped Ward to Carolina and offered Morris a one-year deal worth $3.3 million, a contract that was universally recognized as much too rich by everyone except the man in charge of the Bruins’ personnel decisions. Now here we stand 58 games later and Morris is gone, the first piece in what’s certain to be a roster purge by Magoo to clean up a mess of his own making.

Morris played 58 games in Boston and was a minus-2. He scored a measly three goals despite taking up a point position on the Bruins’ second power-play unit and totaled a pathetic 26 minutes in penalties, suggesting that he had neither the appetite or skill to be physical with opposing forwards. Last season, Ward was a plus-16 and a recognized leader in the Boston dressing room. Sounds like a superb upgrade to me.

More spin from the Bruins – the club is stockpiling draft picks and will attempt to bring in a crop of players similar to the Patrice Bergeron-David Krejci-Blake Wheeler-Milan Lucic-Mark Stuart-Matt Hunwick-Tuukka Rask nucleus that will lead Boston for the rest of the decade. Sad news, fans – Magoo didn’t draft any of those guys. He has yet to pick a player in his three years in Boston who has played in a single game for the big club. That’s right – NOT ONE GAME. Never mind scoring a goal. No chance on dishing out an assist. No hope of even getting in a fight and giving the TD Garden some energy. There’s no help coming, unless your idea of help is packaging some of those picks for the likes of Daniel Paille (9 goals in 54 games for the Bruins since his trade from Buffalo early this season).

Don’t wait until Magoo inevitably fires Claude Julien, who can’t possibly win anything with this crappy roster that he’s had assembled for him, to start the clock on the Bruins’ general manager. It should be ticking already, and a Boston team that was one goal away from the Wales Conference finals last year is about to explode.


2 Responses to “Chiarelli on the verge of blowing up Bruins”

  1. Steve G. said

    Former MLB owner Bill Veeck once said, “It’s the price of mediocrity that kills you.” In pretty much every sport, it is always a mistake to reward just good or average players with guaranteed contracts; almost all of them end up being mistakes. This is especially true in sports with hard caps, like the NBA and NHL.

  2. The Gazelle said

    I should be the GM for the Bruins. Chiarelli – I’m sorry, Mr. Magoo – is an ass clown. Outside of bringing in Chara, has he done anything good? Name 3 things.

    Can’t do it? Name two.


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