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When will toothless Bruins bite back?

Posted by Bill Koch on March 8, 2010

When is this going to stop?

When is someone from the Boston Bruins going to take a stand against opponents who turn their leading scorers’ heads into cabbage?

Marc Savard’s frightening concussion on Sunday against Pittsburgh, courtesy of the dirtiest of elbows from gutless Penguins’ scrub Matt Cooke, begs the question. That’s twice now in three years that the Bruins have lost an elite forward due to a disgraceful play in Pennsylvania, and something finally has to be done. Boston’s players have got to be getting sick of being bitched around like Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend.

Doesn’t anyone out there remember this?

Yes, that was Patrice Bergeron getting his faced caved in by Randy Jones when Boston played Philadelphia early in the 2007-08 season. Bergeron suffered a severe concussion, missing the rest of the season, and hasn’t been the same player he was since before the injury. Aside from a small scuffle with Shawn Thornton immediately following Jones’ assault behind the net, the Bruins did absolutely nothing to retaliate. Zdeno Chara, the alleged captain and leader of this team, stood and watched while Bergeron was carted off the ice on a stretcher – he did the same thing on Sunday. You know Cam Neely was punching a wall in disgust somewhere, wishing he could hit the ice and get a few swings in on Cooke. You also know that he had to be incredibly disappointed that this bunch of toothless imposters wearing Boston sweaters did nothing in reply, just like they’ve allowed Jones to escape unscathed ever since he decked Bergeron.

Granted, the circumstances were different on the two plays. Cooke’s cowardly contribution to Pittsburgh’s cause came with five minutes left in a 2-1 game, hardly the time or the place for Boston to get even. The Bruins are done playing the Penguins this season, so circle Boston’s next game with Pittsburgh on the calendar next year as one to watch. If the Bruins fail to follow hockey code and seek justice against Cooke or Sidney Crosby, the Penguins’ best player, then they clearly haven’t learned anything yet. They, and not Cooke, will be the ones who are truly gutless.


2 Responses to “When will toothless Bruins bite back?”

  1. The Gazelle said

    I’d like to see a star player completely lose it, and DESTROY a worthless role player like Cooke. Completely illegally, stick to the face, possibly even using his skates in some capacity. I’m talking career-ending retaliation on the goon.

    I am completely serious. Nothing short of severe, life threatening retaliation will end this nonsense.

    If ever there was a code of conduct in the NHL, it died years ago.

    The Gazelle

  2. […] hope that Boston finally gets the message and starts taking justice into its own hands on the ice. We’ve asked them to do it before and it just hasn’t happened. We’re done with seeing the likes of Randy Jones (who crushed […]

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