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Five random thoughts on the Red Sox

Posted by bdowd625 on April 9, 2010

* It didn’t take long for this team to piss me off. Just three games – and one Yankees’ series win – into the season and I’m already frustrated as hell. When they hit, they don’t pitch. When they pitch, they don’t hit. And on top of it all, I’m downright sick of Jonathan Papelbon. I was OK with the guy running his mouth in the beginning of his career – you know, when he was actually getting people out. Now he’s just a one-pitch blowhard. That ball that Curtis Granderson hit off him on Wednesday night just landed at LAX.

* I was, however, pleasantly surprised by John Lackey’s first performance in a Sox uniform. Granted, it was only for six innings, but he kept the Bombers off the scoreboard unlike Ace 1 and Ace 2. I was disappointed that NESN never put the camera on his wife. (If they did, I missed it.) I need more of Krista Lackey in my life.

* I love how Jordan’s Furniture put that big sign up just to the right of the triangle in center field at Fenway. If a Red Sox batter hits it, someone wins free furniture or some other stupid giveaway that no one actually cares about. The only problem is hitting that sign would take a blast of about 450 feet, and last time I checked, the Steroid Era was winding down. If you don’t want to give the people a realistic chance to win your shitty recliners and bed sets, then just go away. And for God’s sake, Eliot, cut that stupid ponytail.

* My Victor Martinez man-crush continues to grow. Is this guy a professional hitter or what? He sprays balls all over the park and legitimately seems excited when the Sox are doing well. Give him an extension now, Theo! Wait, what’s that? We have nearly 95 percent of our payroll wrapped up in only five players? Crap.

* A lot of people are getting upset that the Red Sox brought in Joshua Sacco – the little boy who has become a YouTube legend – to give a slightly modified version of his Miracle speech on Opening Night. Well you know what I say to them? Screw ’em! That kid is money and everyone knows it.

Now let’s just hope the Sox can get it together in Kansas City, a place where good baseball goes to die.


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