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Five thoughts from Game 2 of Bruins/Sabres

Posted by bdowd625 on April 17, 2010

*  Don’t look so glum, Milan. Yes, you made an awful blunder at the end of the second period that could’ve cost the Bruins the game, but miraculously your teammates bailed you out by potting five goals – yes, you read that correctly – to steal a crucial win in Game 2 against Buffalo. Trailing 3-2 to start the third, the Bruins stormed back with three unanswered goals to even the series, handing Buffalo its first defeat of the season when leading after two periods. I’m still not sure I believe it. Four goals against Ryan Miller? Yes please.

*  Tuukka Rask looked pretty average in the first period, giving up those two quick goals, but he was more than up to the challenge the rest of the way. It’s funny how quickly a Vezina Trophy winner like Tim Thomas can get relegated to the backup role. Make sure you keep the hinges on the bench door well-oiled, Timmy. That’s all the action you’re going to see if Tuukka Time keeps rolling along.

*  Was I seeing things or was that really Michael Ryder out there throwing his body around and netting two goals? Granted, the goals weren’t anything worthy of a highlight reel, but when your team sucks at scoring, you take what you can get. It’s about time this guy started earning his money. Let’s pencil him in for a -3 rating on Monday night when the series shifts back to Boston for Game 3.

*  Did everyone see the photographer at center ice rocking that awesome helmet? I know it’s for his own protection, but the guy looked like Special Ed from Crank Yankers on Comedy Central. “I wanna go to the NHL Playoffs! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!”

*  I know it’s only one win in a long series, but earning a split in Buffalo is really all the Bruins could ask for. It’s been a wild and exciting first two games and I expect nothing less going forward. Let’s go B’s!

Now if we could just get the Celtics to win tonight. Something tells me I’m asking for a little too much.


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