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Gutless Richardson claims a new victim — Garnett

Posted by Bill Koch on April 18, 2010

Kevin Garnett

A plea to anyone attending Game 2 between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat – do everything in your power to make Quentin Richardson regret the day he was born.

It’s bad enough that the guy has spent most of the past decade trying to ruin his own career, but now he’s trying to derail Boston’s slim chance of adding Banner 18 to the rafters of the TD Garden. Richardson’s actions at the end of Game 1 led to the suspension of Celtics’ forward Kevin Garnett, and Richardson shouldn’t be allowed to go unpunished for his agitation.

Richardson slammed into Paul Pierce twice inside the final minute, causing Pierce to grab his right shoulder and stagger toward the Heat bench, and all hell broke loose when Pierce ended up on the floor. Pierce is partially to blame for this – he was pretty theatrical with his reaction to what looked like some standard bumping – but anyone who thinks Richardson was coming over to check on Pierce’s health hasn’t been paying attention for the last 10 years. Richardson is the ultimate me-first player in a league full of me-first players, and he was able to bait Garnett into firing an elbow that resulted in a pair of technical fouls and an ejection.

Garnett’s internal rage while he’s stuck on the bench for Boston’s next game would probably be enough to power the entire building for the night. It would be nice if the Celtics fans would put down their glasses of wine and array of cheeses long enough to revert back to the nasty, loathing, aggressive fans that turned the real Boston Garden into the NBA’s most hostile arena. Richardson and the Heat never could have survived such an environment – let’s hope we have a little blast from the past in Game 2.


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