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Rapelisberger deserves his punishment and more

Posted by Bill Koch on April 21, 2010

Ben Roethlisberger

There’s only one reaction that Ben Rapelisberger can have to the NFL’s announcement today that he’ll be suspended for the first six games of the 2010 season, and it goes a little something like this:

Yes, Commissioner Goodell. Whatever you say, Commissioner Goodell. You’re absolutely right, Commissioner Goodell.

Rapelisberger is lucky that he didn’t get whacked for a full year like Pacman Jones did when he made it rain in that strip club in Las Vegas and then started biting dancers on the ankle and shooting people. The latest allegations of sexual misconduct against the Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback, the second high-profile accusation fired his way in less than two years, almost saw him staring down the barrel of rape charges after a night gone wrong in several Georgia bars. Anything short of full contrition and participation in some domestic abuse seminars won’t please Goodell, who has been making examples of men behaving badly since he took the reins from Paul Tagliabue.

If the material in the police reports and the statement of the Milledgeville district attorney is anywhere close to the truth, and there’s no reason to believe that it’s not, then Rapelisberger is lucky that his goon squad of off-duty cops disguised as bodyguards carried out their orders to perfection. Those orders included finding some vulnerable, underage college girls, smashing kamikaze shots down their throats and then playing a little divide and conquer with one unfortunate victim. Said victim was dragged into a bathroom nursing a blood alcohol level of somewhere around .35, incapable of both giving consent or saying no and remembering it while Rapelisberger took advantage behind closed doors and away from any other witnesses.

We here at Ramble On enjoy an adult beverage every once in a while, and we certainly love our ladies. At times, those two come together and create a potent mix of intrigue. The clear difference between us and Rapelisberger is that we can grasp the meaning of one of the smallest and most powerful words in the English language – no.


3 Responses to “Rapelisberger deserves his punishment and more”

  1. TK said

    LMAO. What an idiot. Why does an elite quarterback in the NFL wear a drink like a champion T. Furthermore, a man with the nickname Big Ben who is in the NFL shouldn’t need to rape girls. All he needs to do is have the slightest bit of game or do what Jeter does and hire people to recruit and silence these girls. Just to clear that last comment up, no disrespect Jeter. You are the man. Ben….Clean it up MR. Motorcycle.

  2. […] Pittsburgh 15, Atlanta 9 (OT) This win is a bonus for the Steelers with Ben Rapelisberger sidelined and serving his four-game suspension for getting away with sexual assault for the second time in his professional career. Just nine […]

  3. […] for such an arrest and you can bet your mortgage the Jets would have tried to undercut the NFL (think the Pittsburgh Steelers with Ben Rapelisberger) and suggested an alternate form of punishment. They already have a wide receiver, Santonio Holmes, […]

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