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Five thoughts from Game 5 of Bruins/Sabres

Posted by bdowd625 on April 23, 2010

I guess I should’ve expected the Sabres to come out and bitchslap the Bruins tonight, but it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. Desperation is a powerful tool and Buffalo was certainly desperate tonight. The Sabres played like it, limiting the B’s to one meaningless goal in garbage time of a 4-1 victory. I’m still confident Boston can win this series, but it just got a lot more interesting. And now onto my five thoughts from Game 5.

*  Ryan Miller looked like the goalie we’ve all grown accustomed to this season. Not that the Bruins put any significant pressure on him, but when he was tested he was as good as ever. Sabres fans must be feeling pretty good now that their netminder is back in his groove.

*  It felt like the Sabres blocked about 100 shots tonight. I don’t remember the puck getting through to Miller until like the third period. Mike Grier took one right off the dome piece and returned to the ice minutes later. Now that’s badass.

*  How come goalies are considered untouchable during the flow of play, but when a fight breaks out they can mix it up and throw haymakers with everyone else? Either you’re tough enough to have someone skate into the crease and bump into you or you’re not. But don’t jump in when a fight breaks out and then expect the other team to get whistled for goaltender interference when you get a little ice shot up into your grill. And yes, I’m talking about Mr. Miller.

*  The Bruins’ power play is just atrocious. Not only do they not put enough shots on net, but they very rarely keep the puck in the other team’s end. Marc Savard can’t come back soon enough.

*  Correct me if I’m wrong, Sabres fans, but do they normally play Sweet Caroline at HSBC Arena at the end of games? Or was that just to stick it to the Bruins and their fans? I don’t even like that damn song, but can’t you come up with something better to taunt us with than the eighth-inning song from Fenway Park? You live in Buffalo for God’s sake – it’s not like you have anything else to do.

I’m already pumped up for Game 6, I just wish I didn’t have to wait until Monday. Oh well. Go B’s!!


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