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Five thoughts from Game 3 of Celtics/Heat

Posted by Bill Koch on April 24, 2010

Paul Pierce

Well, well, well – look at who we have here. Are these the Boston Celtics? You’re damn right they are.

Boston’s 100-98 win over Miami in Friday night’s game 3 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series was the Celtics’ best effort of the season. The key word there is effort – as in they made one. They gave a damn in a game where they could have gone ahead and not given a damn. Be afraid, NBA. Be very, very afraid.

*  Boston’s performance defined professionalism. Too often in the NBA, as we saw throughout the regular season from the Celtics, veteran teams mail it in. They take nights off. They don’t show up. Game 3 on the road with a 2-0 lead is a tailor-made scenario for such a letdown, but Boston refused to take the easy way out and try to steal Game 4 instead. Now the Celtics are in complete command and have both feet on Miami’s collective neck.

*  Paul Pierce is still an absolute killer. He poured in a team-high 32 points, grabbed eight rebounds and shed blood, sweat and tears for 44 minutes in a game that Boston didn’t need to win. A determined Pierce is one of the NBA’s most stubborn and unstoppable forces.

*  Dwyane Wade needs to be paroled from the jail that is the Miami roster. His teammates suck. Free agency and a trip back to his hometown of Chicago to play with the young, athletic, hungry Bulls can’t come soon enough. Wade’s prime years are being wasted surrounded by Udonis Haslem, Carlos Arroyo, The Artist Formerly Known as Jermaine O’Neal and that douchebag Quentin Richardson.

*  It took Doc Rivers 82 regular season games to realize that Rasheed Wallace is completely useless, but thank goodness he finally wised up. Less is more when it comes to Rasheed – just consider his line on Friday. He played 11 minutes, took one shot, and donated four personal fouls to Boston’s cause and the Celtics were plus-11 with him on the court. Stunning that Boston’s offense is better off when Mr. Man Boobs isn’t firing away from 26 feet.

*  The officiating in this game further reinforced why everyone thinks the fix is in. Cleveland couldn’t buy a call down the stretch during Game 3 of its series with Chicago and the same thing happened on Friday night in Miami. Boston was whistled for seven of the first eight fouls called in the fourth quarter. Were the Heat really that aggressive? Were the Celtics suddenly that hack-infested? It was borderline criminal what Bennett Salvatore and his crew of David Stern sycophants perpetrated. Boston should be ready for Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford and another Stern stooge of choice for Game 4 to extend Wade’s time in the spotlight and ability to make the television ratings needle spike for just one more game.


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