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Five thoughts from Game 6 of Bruins/Sabres

Posted by bdowd625 on April 26, 2010

I’d like to thank the Bruins for making me look smart with my prediction for this series. I’d also like to thank them for giving me the worst heartburn and highest stress level of my life. A 4-3 victory over the Sabres in Game 6 has pushed Boston into the Eastern Conference semifinals, but it was anything but easy. I give Buffalo all the credit in the world for the fight they showed tonight, especially when it looked like it was going to slip away. All that is behind us now, though, so as Bruins fans, let’s just be thankful there’s more playoff hockey on the horizon. And now, onto my five thoughts from Game 6.

*  I’m fairly certain there were a handful of Bruins that wanted to lose the game tonight. Dennis Wideman was up to his old tricks – turning the puck over in his own end to spark Buffalo’s first goal – and Michael Ryder didn’t do his team any favors when he threw the puck to Nathan Gerbe for the Sabres’ second tally. I’m going to give Ryder a pass since he’s played out of his mind for most of this series, but Wideman is downright brutal. Whenever the announcers talk about him, they almost always use the word “can’t” immediately after his name. You know, things like, “Wideman can’t clear the puck from Boston’s zone.” “Wideman can’t stay on his feet as he gets burned for another goal.” And my personal favorite – “Wideman can’t believe Claude Julien is actually letting him dress for tonight’s game.”

*  And with everything Boston did wrong tonight, it still managed to pot four goals against All-World goaltender Ryan Miller. Miller’s dream season might be over, but I won’t soon forget what he did this year. His play in the Olympics showed non-hockey fans just how exciting the game can be, and I was scared to death all through the first round that he was going to shut the B’s out in every game. It’s been a pleasure, Mr. Miller.

*  Keeping Marc Savard sidelined tonight was a smart move. The Bruins managed to walk away with the series win without their top offensive playmaker, giving him even more time to get into game shape and bounce back from that disgusting concussion from earlier this year. Forcing him into action tonight was unnecessary and I’m glad the B’s recognized that too. On a personal note, I wanted to see him out there. But that’s just because he’s my Bruins man-crush.

*  I can’t take much more of Jack Edwards in the NESN broadcast booth. When the B’s finally won tonight, he dropped the following gem: “Snowball 1, Hell 0.” Jacko was trying to say that the Bruins didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting past the third-seeded Sabres, but he really just sounded like a hyperbolic asshole. Less is more, Jack. Less is more.

*  With Montreal’s win over Washington tonight, the B’s still don’t know who they’re playing in Round 2, as that series is now tied 3-3. But if the Habs find a way to beat the Caps in Game 7, the Bruins will face Philadelphia in the second round. Roll that around in your head for a while. Boston has a chance to take on the No. 7 seed – WITH HOME ICE ADVANTAGE – for the right to play in the Eastern Conference finals. I’m as shocked as you are.

I’m going to go try to calm down a little bit. Taking a few days off from the Bruins’ high-wire act should do me some good. And as always, go B’s!


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