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I’ll take the Philadelphia Flyers with a side of home-ice advantage please

Posted by bdowd625 on April 28, 2010

We here at Ramble On are big fans of Alexander Ovechkin. The guy loves to hit, skates hard on every shift and has a scoring touch that few players possess – all qualities that make him one of the most exciting talents in the NHL. Having said all that, I couldn’t have been happier watching Ovechkin and the top-seeded Washington Capitals get bounced from the playoffs by the Montreal Canadiens tonight in their win-or-go-home Game 7.

Not only is it fun to watch the underdog prevail – even though I despise the Canadiens like every other self-respecting Boston Bruins fan should – but the B’s now get to take on seventh-seeded Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Are you kidding me? If ever there was a dream matchup for the Bruins, this is it. And did I mention the B’s have home-ice advantage throughout this series? The Canadiens, meanwhile, square off with defending champion Pittsburgh, and you can be sure the Penguins have taken notice of the Habs’ play in the last three games.

Boston has a great chance to knock off the Flyers and advance to the conference finals. Can you imagine that? Everyone wrote them off midway through the regular season, and now we’re talking about them possibly being one of the final four teams playing. What’s even better is that Tuukka Rask is arguably the hottest goalie left in the playoffs, and whenever your netminder catches fire, good things happen. I’m picking the Bruins to win this series in six games just like I did for the last one. Let’s hope I’m right again so we can continue this awesome ride.

And on top of all the great hockey news, the Red sox got another gem of a pitching performance tonight – this time from Jon Lester – to sweep the lowly Toronto Blue Jays. Boy do the Jays suck. I think more people read this blog everyday than go to their home games, and that’s really saying something. Either way, the Sox are back to .500 and hopefully it’ll only get better from here.

It’s a good time to be a Boston sports fan, my friends.


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