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Five thoughts from Game 1 of Bruins/Flyers

Posted by bdowd625 on May 1, 2010

Leave it to my man Marc Savard – in his first game back from that brutal concussion he suffered in early March – to save the Bruins this afternoon with his game-winning goal in OT against the Flyers. I figured the B’s were safe with their two-goal lead late in the third period, but, of course, they didn’t make it easy on themselves. I guess that’s what happens in the playoffs – no lead is safe. A win is a win, though, and that’s really all that matters, so I’m going to try not to fret too much. And now, onto my five thoughts from Game 1.

*  NBC clearly jinxed the Bruins by putting up that graphic about how they hadn’t surrendered a power-play goal this postseason. That’s the kiss of death right there. It’s like when you’re watching a Red Sox game, and Don Orsillo says, “Daniel Bard hasn’t allowed a run in his last 12 innings of work.” Three pitches later, you just know Bard is giving up a moonshot that clears the Monster in left.

*  If Danny McBride doesn’t want to reprise his role as Kenny Powers for the latest season of Eastbound and Down, Scott Hartnell can certainly do it. Whenever I see him out on the ice, I expect him to start screaming things like, “Get me paid, bitch!” or “I play real sports – I’m not trying to be the best at exercise.” If you don’t get the joke, you really need to invest in HBO.

*  It was good to see the B’s score first today, but they took their foot of the gas pedal much too soon. It’s the playoffs – you just can’t do that. And that goal Chris Pronger scored on Tuukka Rask was super soft. I was shocked when that went in, but I guess the guy’s not perfect.

*  It looked like Adam McQuaid wanted to hang out in the penalty box today. His thought process seemed to go something like this, “I think I’m going to clock this Flyer even though he’s nowhere near the play and the referee is right in front of me. Yeah, I think I’ll see if my team can kill off this penalty for my enjoyment.” Thanks, bud. Clean it up.

*  I’m the last person in the world that thought Savard would come back this season. But watching him hurdle over the wall on his first shift made me a happy camper. His presence out there gave his team a big boost, and that rip from the right side saved them from what would have been a serious choke job. Glad to have you back, Savvy.

I already can’t wait for Game 2. Go B’s!


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