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Five thoughts from Game 2 of Bruins/Flyers

Posted by bdowd625 on May 3, 2010

Another night, another nail-biter of a win for the suddenly white-hot Bruins. I should probably be concerned that they blew two leads AGAIN, but they just keeping rattling off victories, so there’s really no need to worry about it until it becomes a real problem. And now, without further delay, onto my five thoughts from Game 2.

*  How much wood would a Boychuk chuck if a Boychuk could chuck wood? Who the hell cares? Just sign the guy to a long-term deal already. He hits harder than anybody on the team and his slapshot has one of those obnoxious purple comet tails that Fox used to use on its hockey broadcasts. He’s rapidly turning into the B’s best defenseman, so I don’t see what’s stopping the Bruins brass from inking him to a new contract.

*  These NHL players find new ways to impress me every night. With an empty Flyers net late in Game 2, it looked like Boston was about to pot a dagger of a goal to ice it. Instead, Chris Pronger came racing out of nowhere, batted the puck out of midair with this stick and sent it just wide enough that it clanged off the post and stayed out of the net. Talk about eye-hand coordination. That was impressive.

*  Miro Satan is playing out of his skull right now. He’s got an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, so it was a little surprising to me that the Bruins signed his ass off the scrap heap. I can think of a few teams that would like his goal-scoring ability right about now.

*  How the hell did Marc Savard get smacked with the only penalty on that play when Dan Carcillo slashed his knee, then tried to pummel him with his fists in the corner. Did I miss something? Did Savard cast some kind of Dungeons and Dragons spell that ripped Carcillo of 10 life points? If he did, the refs were apparently right on top of it. I understand that Carcillo didn’t like how close Savard was to his goalie, but come on. Way to call it evenly, zebras.

*  The Bruins are two wins away from the Eastern Conference finals. Did anybody expect this? This team has disappointed so many times before, though, so I’m trying not to get too excited. But with each passing win, they get a little closer…


One Response to “Five thoughts from Game 2 of Bruins/Flyers”

  1. Paul Mendonca said

    Dan Carcillo is a Joke…he was saying that Savard bit him!?! What is this Tyson vs Holyfied part deux? Yes, Savard slashed the Flyer goalie a little late, but Carcillo’s reaction was way over the top. He attacked Savard and the continued to throw punches at his face. If you listen to Savard’s comments about the bite he says that Carcillo was trying to rip his teeth out. What were the refs thinking?!? I have no idea?

    All I know is that players like Carcillo, Sean Avery and Matt Cooke should be tossed from the game with a misconduct every time they do something stupid as we have seen them do!

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