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Five thoughts from Game 3 of Bruins/Flyers

Posted by bdowd625 on May 5, 2010


This series is over. The Philadelphia Flyers outplayed the Bruins for nearly all of Game 3 on Wednesday night and they still lost by three goals. So I will say it again – the B’s are going to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1992. They might not sweep the Flyers or even win in five games, but there’s no way Philly comes all the way back from this deficit. Sorry, guys. Time for my five thoughts.

*  The Bruins are dropping like flies out on the ice, but somehow the team continues to win. Boston might have enough to beat the likes of the Flyers, but when they get to the conference finals it could pose a serious problem if they’re shorthanded. First Marco Sturm goes down early in Game 1 with a torn-up knee, and tonight David Krejci and Adam McQuaid get hurt early on and don’t return. And if Johnny Boychuk keeps diving in front of slap shots – which I love, by the way – he’ll end up watching rather than playing, too.

*  Tuukka Rask played like a beast tonight. The Flyers threw wave after wave of pressure at him and, aside from that goal two minutes into the game that wasn’t really his fault, he was flawless. The thing that impresses me most about him is how calm he stays even when the opposition turns up the heat. He doesn’t waste his energy flopping around on the ice – which Tim Thomas has turned into somewhat of an art form in recent years – and he’s got super-quick reflexes. If he keeps shutting teams down, the sky is the limit.

*  It was nice to see the Flyers fans leaving with their team down only two goals with more than two minutes to play tonight. Way to support your team, you hosers. All I hear about is how tough people from Philly are. If that’s the case, then sit there until the final buzzer and take your beating like a man. 

*  Who was the monkey working the main camera for Versus tonight? Half the time he/she was so far behind the play I got confused as to what I was looking at. And then when they finally did realize where the puck was, they whipped the camera to that spot in about .2 seconds. Thanks for the seizure.

*  Now that the broadcasts have shifted to Versus from NESN, I wonder how Jack Edwards is spending his time. He’s most likely sitting in his basement in footsie pajamas during the games, using the remote as his microphone and screaming every time the Bruins score. Until his Mom tells him to quiet down and turn out the lights because it’s bedtime. “But Mom, I don’t wanna!”

Game 4 is Friday night in Philly and I’m hoping the Bruins will put the final nail in the coffin. What do you think?


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