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Philly fan raising the bar on own stupidity

Posted by Bill Koch on May 6, 2010

Philadelphia tasering

We’ve been seeing plenty of bad behavior from Philly fans lately, and we shouldn’t be surprised. What do you really expect out of a bunch of people who booed Santa Claus and NFL draft picks on what should be the best day of their lives?

That said, Philly fans are pushing the envelope in 2010. We at Ramble On thought that the taser incident at Citizens Bank Park was a new low, but we were proven wrong on Wednesday night. Flyers fan raised the bar on idiocy by walking out of Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Boston Bruins with three minutes to play.

News flash, people! It’s possible to make up a two-goal deficit in that short amount of time! We in the New England sporting world know this after watching Boston University ambush Miami (Ohio) in the 2009 national title game. (Yes, as a BU graduate, that’s a shameless plug.) I guess that news never reached the thugs wearing orange and black that inhabit the Wachovia Center.

Back to the taser incident to wrap this up – was this a use of excessive force? No. Let’s end that debate right now. I was hoping for even more, something like a tasering AND THEN a vicious beating on the second base bag for all to see as an example of what should happen when you try to pull your best Brian Westbrook impression on stadium security and a bunch of cops. Of course, Westbrook would have pulled his hamstring/groin/anything else that would force him to go on IR about 15 seconds into the chase, but that’s not the point we’re trying to make here. The consequences should be severe when you decide to invade the field. Some people might actually be there to watch the game – or, at the very least, to boo 2007 National League MVP Jimmy Rollins and his .250 average last season. We wouldn’t expect anything less out of this group of morons.


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  1. […] Philly fan will never learn. It was Phillies’ security who used a Taser to take down some other moron earlier this summer – by comparison, this most recent loser got off […]

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