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Brady breaks his silence and New England’s hearts

Posted by Bill Koch on May 10, 2010

Tom Brady

What happened to that guy in the pitcure?

Those of you who follow Ramble On know that I have no great love for this current version of Tom Brady. I miss the blood-and-guts warrior who won two Super Bowl MVPs and three rings during the early 2000s and was clearly the first pick in the mythical draft featuring quarterbacks who you wanted playing in one game if the fate of the world depended on it. I wish the guy who never missed offseason workouts still existed.

I’ve been crushed by my friends and by the readers for taking this position. I’ve been told that Brady is still as great and as dedicated as he’s ever been during his time in New England. I still think you’re all wrong, and Brady’s interview with Peter King during his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column is one more nail in his coffin as far as I’m concerned.

That’s enough from my own keyboard. Let’s consider Brady’s own words when we attempt to determine how committed he is to this year’s version of the Patriots while heading into the final year of his current contract.

— “Life changes. You’ve got to be able to change with it.”
That’s right, Tom – Peyton Manning plays in the Super Bowl now. He used to be the Dan Marino to your Joe Montana. Now you’re the guy who has shown up for two out of the first 10 weeks of New England’s offseason program since it began in March.

— “We’ve got to start listening more to coach [Bill] Belichick. We’ve got young kids who are good players. We’ve got the best football coach of all time. He’s got the answers. We as a team have to take the teaching and the coaching we’re being given.”
How can you possibly take coaching, Tom, if you’re not there to receive it? How can you work with your teammates to digest and put into effect Belichick’s message if you’re in California, Costa Rica or Greenwich Village?

— “I like [2009 injured draft pick] Brandon Tate a lot, and Julian Edelman was so effective for us last year, plus having [free-agent] David Patten back is going to help. The two tight ends we drafted [Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez], from what I hear, are really good players.”
From what you hear, Tom? Their names are Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez – you could have at least had the courtesy to know who your teammates are, even if you have no intention of meeting them until your damn well ready to grace Gillette Stadium with your presence. Those are the guys who you’re supposed to be trying to lead, right?

— “Last year was pretty disappointing in a lot of ways, obviously. Losing to Baltimore the way we lost in the playoffs, losing leads late, losing on the road. Every year is so different, and the way we approach this year will be extremely important. We need to see the toughness. We need to see the commitment. Can we take the coaching?”
Losing like that couldn’t have been all that tough, Tom, if you’re not willing to work even harder to ensure it doesn’t happen again. That’s true toughness and commitment. You’ve shown neither attribute during your offseason exploits.

— “I’m not going to have the same relationship with the guys as if I was there every day. I hope they can understand. I’ve seen it handled different ways by a lot of guys on the team in the past, including some of the real leaders. I’ve seen Willie McGinest and Rodney Harrison when their family lives turned in different directions and they couldn’t be in the offseason program every day. Ultimately, what it comes down to is this: We’ve all got to be ready to play.”
They understand, Tom. That’s why players like Jerod Mayo, Darius Butler, Vince Wilfork and Patten are practically begging for someone to emerge as a leader in the locker room. You haven’t been that man since Bridget Moynihan pulled the goalie and you started running around with Gisele. The 2004 version of you thinks that this current phony is a loser, and he’s right. You haven’t won anything since you started putting your own interests first and urinating on the legacy of success that you built during the first half of your career with the Patriots.

But hey, don’t take it from me – the words came straight from the horse’s mouth.


3 Responses to “Brady breaks his silence and New England’s hearts”

  1. Anonymous said

    Agree with you completely – Tom Terrific has turned into a pretty boy. But let’s be honest: If you had Gisele around the house, would you be at the office until midnight, and back at 7 am? Betting not . . .

  2. Adam said

    I think the irony here is the interview he gave last summer stating how committed he was and how he wanted to play until he was 40. But I do think that he will come back much stronger this year after the knee gets another year to recover.

  3. […] we’ve ripped Brady before at Ramble On. We’ve questioned his commitment to football and to his team, and we’re not ready to back off […]

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