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Five thoughts from Game 5 of Bruins/Flyers

Posted by bdowd625 on May 10, 2010

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of a post after Game 4 on Friday night. I was in Philadelphia (not at the game) hanging out with my brother as he winds down his college career at Villanova. The festivities at his house required more of my attention than this blog did. You understand, I’m sure.

A harmless loss that night has turned into a scant one-game lead for the Bruins, though, as the Flyers bitched the B’s around all night long in a bad loss in Game 5 tonight. The Bruins were tight, slow and seemingly disinterested, all things that could lead to their demise if they don’t correct them immediately. And now onto my five thoughts from Game 5.

*  The B’s have to stay out of the penalty box – it’s not like there’s free ice cream or beer in there or anything. That was as undisciplined as they’ve been throughout these playoffs and it cost them. Every time you looked up at the TV, someone was taking a boarding or tripping call. You can’t win in the postseason if you can’t keep five guys on the ice all the time. It’s as simple as that.

*  With that said, Tuukka Rask looked pretty damn ordinary for the second game in a row. Say what you want about how desperate the Flyers were, but you’re going to need a better effort out of your star goalie to get to the next round. He outplayed Ryan Miller in the first series and needs to regain his magician-like form if the B’s have any chance of advancing.

*  Thanks for starting a brawl late in the third period after the game was already decided, guys. Maybe if you had come out of the gate with that much intensity, you wouldn’t have gotten blown off your home ice. And is anyone else nervous whenever someone grabs Marc Savard’s head? I’m afraid it’s going to fall off and just roll around on the ice for a few seconds while everyone stares in disbelief.

*  This was exactly the type of offensive effort we Bruins fans have come to know and despise. They simply couldn’t slam one home – even after Brian Boucher got knocked out of the game – and it was evident that David Krejci’s play-making ability was sorely missed. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t expecting Trent Whitfield to light the lamp all that often when he got called up in place of the injured Krejci.

*  Simon Gagne has given the Flyers a HUGE boost since his return. He tallied the winner in Game 4, then absolutely toyed with Rask on that perfectly-elevated wrister that put the final nail in the Bruins’ coffin tonight. You can’t underestimate his presence on the bench as a respected veteran.

*  I’ll give you a bonus thought because I dropped the ball the other night. Here it is: The Bruins fans are absolutely pathetic. Yeah, the B’s laid an egg tonight – I get that. But they’re still just one win away from the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in 18 years. They have a chance to be one of the last four teams left playing this season. So stop booing the team like there’s no tomorrow. Stand by them now because they need it more than ever. And please stop throwing shit on the ice. You’re classier than that. On second thought…


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