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Brady breaks his silence and New England’s hearts, Part II

Posted by Bill Koch on May 12, 2010

Tom Brady

Tom Brady really needs to shut the fuck up before even the most blindly loyal fans of the New England Patriots start to realize that their star quarterback has transformed into a fraud.

Brady is now 2-for-2 this week, and his completions involve taking his foot and shoving it into his cover boy mouth in a pair of rare interviews. The three-time Super Bowl champion revealed the full scale of his absences from the Patriots’ offseason program during an interview published in Peter King’s weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column (and covered here at Ramble On), and Brady was at it again when he took the airwaves on WEEI with Dennis and Callahan.

We’ll let Brady’s own words do the talking just like we did on Monday, but make no mistake – we’re just as disgusted as we were the first time when Brady confessed that football and his teammates aren’t a priority for him anymore.

— “When it comes down to it, games that we lose in the fourth quarter, games that we lose in the second half, or losing on the road like we did, that can be lack of trust, lack of confidence. There are a lot of issues you have when that repeats itself time and time again over the course of the season.”
That trust and confidence is already being built at Gillette Stadium – David Patten said as much when he re-signed with the Patriots this offseason. It’s a process that’s been underway since New England started its offseason program in March. Brady has attended two weeks out of 10. It’s hard to be trusted when you’re not willing to show up and be accountable. I hope Brady was looking in the mirror and checking out his butt-chin when he said this.

— “Coach [Bill Belichick] always used the words ‘mentally tough’ to us. I always agree with him. When the going got tough, we didn’t get going. We weren’t really a mentally tough team last year. I think that’s been a big point of emphasis this offseason. Hopefully we find ways to address it with each other and also with Coach bringing in different players and to see if they can bring a little bit of that to our team.”
Mentally tough teams tend to make mistakes, especially on the road, and Brady was no exception last year. His completion percentage was a full 10 points lower away from Gillette Stadium and his touchdown-to-interception ratio was a dreadful 11-to-10. How is Brady addressing these problems with Belichick and his teammates on the offense? He’s not. He can’t possibly be in their position meetings and watching film with them while he’s thousands of miles away in California or Costa Rica.

— “[Brady and Torry Holt] were talking about some of the Rams teams he played on and he said, ‘You know, we just had a lot of great guys on the team.’ My comment to him was that to me, that’s the only way. Playing with a bunch of guys that you really don’t enjoy spending time with, that doesn’t last very long.”
How much longer can Brady last in New England if this is true? Troy Brown, David Givens, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, Rodney Harrison, Damien Woody – the list could go on and on – are all gone from those title teams. What remains is a team in transition that is begging for leadership that Brady is unwilling to provide. They can’t possibly respect him when he does things like refer to Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez as “those two tight ends that we drafted.” How can he know if he likes spending time with them if he refuses to do so?

— “It’s something that is tough for me, because a part of being a great player, quarterback and leader is participating. There is obviously a little bit of a conflict when I’m not able to be here like I once was. I was pretty much here every workout.”

I rest my case.


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