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Five thoughts from Game 6 of Bruins/Flyers

Posted by bdowd625 on May 12, 2010

Thanks for teasing us with that meaningless late goal, Bruins. You might as well just shoot me now and get it over with. From a commanding 3-0 lead to a 3-3 tie and zero momentum heading home. Wonderful. If they break my heart on Friday night, I’m going to have a tough time coming back to them next season. It’s just not fair. I’m going to make my five thoughts short and sweet tonight because I’m angry, tired and scared to death about what’s on the horizon for Bruins fans everywhere.

*  That sound you just heard was the puck deflecting off another Flyer stick, shin guard or helmet and into the stands. How many saves did Michael Leighton actually make tonight? By my count, only like four. His defensemen did the rest. You don’t need a top-notch goalie if the other team can’t even put the puck on net.

*  Milan Lucic’s goal with a minute to play saved the Bruins the embarrassment of going six consecutive periods without a goal. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice. Watching the Boston offense tonight made me feel like we were stuck back in January again. Or in other words, the seventh circle of hockey hell. Awesome time to stop scoring.

*  Tuukka Rask returned to form tonight. That was a money glove save he made on the penalty shot in the third period. Speaking of that, that might have been one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. Who am I to complain about the officials, though, when my team just shit the bed for the second consecutive game?

*  Any chance we can bring David Krejci back to play with one arm? If not, can he have one of mine? It’s getting to the point where I’d be willing to give it up just to see the Bruins survive. Pathetic, I know, but who are you to judge me? You’d do it, too, damn it.

*  The Montreal Canadiens upset the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins in the other Eastern Conference semifinal series tonight. If the B’s can advance past this round, it will be an awesome matchup with another Original Six franchise and their biggest rival. Boston has to get there first, though, and pardon me for not being overly confident about that.

I’ll be in Philly again on Friday night for my brother’s graduation, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post. If they end up losing, I may skip writing entirely and shut this blog down forever. It’s 50-50 at this point.

Now please answer the poll question below while I go sit in my car with the engine on and the garage door closed.


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