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A busy weekend wraps up on a (relative) high note

Posted by bdowd625 on May 16, 2010

The Bruins broke my heart on Friday night by gagging away a 3-0 series lead to the Philadelphia Flyers, guaranteeing themselves a spot in sports history for all the wrong reasons. The Red Sox played like ass in their second and third games against the Detroit Tigers to continue their see-saw season. And the Celtics, thankfully, held on to beat the Orlando Magic in Game 1 of their series today, nearly pulling a Bruins and choking down the stretch. The C’s got the ‘W,’ though, so it’s a good start to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Did anyone think the Celtics would actually have a shot in hell to win a title after the way they played during the regular season? I didn’t. I’ll hitch my wagon to them now, though, and hopefully they can fill the void the Bruins have left in my heart.

We’ll have more Celtics stuff as the series progresses, but I just spent the weekend trying to keep up with college kids, so I need to get to bed. Before I leave, a few parting words. Goodbye Bruins – I’ll see you next year, you pathetic bums. Stop sucking Red Sox or you’ll be watching from home in October. And keep winning Celtics because there’s nothing else to watch on TV. Goodnight.


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