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Five thoughts from Game 2 of Celtics-Magic

Posted by Bill Koch on May 19, 2010

The Big Three

Settle in and take note of what’s going on between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns, Celtics fans. Boston’s Eastern Conference Finals series with the Orlando Magic is just about over.

The Celtics come home to The Fake Garden with a 2-0 lead in the best-of-7 affair after their 95-92 win in Game 2 on Tuesday night, and this Boston team isn’t like the Bruins – they’re not chokers. This group of veterans has its eyes set on Banner 18, its second title in three years, and potentially a renewal of the league’s greatest rivalry. Here are our five points to explain just how we got here.

— Looks like someone reminded Paul Pierce that Mickael Pietrus played him off the floor during last year’s series between Boston and Orlando. Pierce continued his resurgence with 28 points, 22 coming in a first-half display that featured The Truth at his very best on the offensive end. Pietrus continued to be a nonfactor with five points in 16 minutes. The Magic need more out of their athletic swingman to at least knock Pierce out of his rhythm.

— There was no chance that Rajon Rondo would have a second straight poor game on Tuesday. His ice-cold jump shot after a Kevin Garnett offensive rebound with 1:33 to play helped Boston finish this one out down the stretch and Rondo closed with 26 points on 10-for-16 shooting. That’s in another area code compared to his eight-point showing in Game 1, and it’s the type of performance we’ve come to expect during this postseason from Rondo as he continues to fight his way into the top tier of NBA point guards.

— J.J. Redick seriously got into Duke University? It certainly wasn’t on the strength of his basketball IQ, because he made two plays in the final 10 seconds that would have shamed Lamar Odom and his fictitious GED. Redick forgot that timeouts in the NBA automatically advance the ball to halfcourt, wasting precious seconds before stopping the clock with 3.5 to go and his team trailing by three. He was at it again on the inbounds pass, throwing the ball to Jameer Nelson 55 feet from the basket and leaving Orlando with an off-balance, contested, 35-foot heave to tie the game. Nice job, J.J. Odom was even dumb enough to pick the ugly Kardashian sister, and he’s still laughing at you right now.

— The Amway Arena crew needs to get its act together for next season. You can’t have Vince Carter on your team and force the players to get after it on a slippery floor. Carter could get hurt getting out of bed in the morning – he doesn’t need to be slipping on condensation or excess water and jamming his thumb or spraining his wrist or whatever he did that knocked him out of the game in the third quarter. That’s just the excuse a gutless worm like Carter needs to blow a pair of free throws in a three-point game with 30.6 seconds left.

— Loving this series and the bad blood that seems to be building between the two teams. We can’t wait for Game 3 on…Saturday. That’s the NBA, folks. It’s fantastic – for the television networks. The venom that Dwight Howard generated when he hacked Pierce going to the rim in the second quarter will be all but forgotten by then. Let this serve as a reminder to all of you that David Stern and the powers that be don’t give a damn about you. Their bottom line is all they consider.


One Response to “Five thoughts from Game 2 of Celtics-Magic”

  1. leocheungblog said

    Celtics is more experience team! Their defensive intensity is great. Although i am a Magic fans, Game Over Orlando

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