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Five thoughts from Game 3 of Celtics-Lakers

Posted by Bill Koch on June 10, 2010

Derek Fisher

All apologies to our readers here at Ramble On for being so late with this post. The effects of a face-melting performance delivered by the Dave Matthews Band on Tuesday night have just about worn off, so we’re ready to break down the debacle that was Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers have regained control of the series thanks to their 91-84 victory over the Boston Celtics at The Fake Garden. Boston must win the next two games to have any chance of raising Banner 18, and that mission starts tonight at 9 p.m. in Game 4. Let’s take a look back to see just how the Celtics ended up in this spot.

— Derek Fisher permanently played his way onto the roster of Los Angeles immortals. The Lakers’ guard scored 11 of his 16 points in a clutch fourth quarter performance, icing the game by beating four Celtics down the court for a 3-point play on a layup that served as a kick to the stomach for all of New England. John Paxson hasn’t needed to pay for dinner since he helped the Chicago Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns all those years ago in The Finals by sinking clutch jump shots down the stretch – Fisher is now back on that level after a brief stay in Utah and a dreadful fourth quarter in Game 2. Just one side note, Derek – there’s no crying in basketball.

— Someone obviously kidnapped Ray Allen and put some android out there in Boston’s No. 20 jersey. This couldn’t have been the same guy who scored 32 points and hit his first seven 3-poiners in Game 2, right? Poor Sugar Ray. That 0-for-13 abortion was as sour as it gets, and the fallout will be even worse when he becomes a free agent this summer. Allen’s detractors won’t need to look too far to point out why 34-year-old shooting guards shouldn’t be backing up the Brinks truck.

— We’d like to put out an APB for the Paul Pierce who crushed the Orlando Magic with his devastating performance in the clinching game of that series. Pierce struggled to just 15 points in Game 3 and is shooting a dreadful 36.1 percent in the series with a chance to get his second ring staring him in the face. None of the truly great Celtics – Russell, Cousy, Bird, etc. – would be guilty of putting up such a stink bomb when it matters most.

— Don’t think that we don’t see you struggling too, Kobe Bryant. The Adulterer scored 29 points on 29 shots in Game 3 and continued his second weak performance in The Finals against the Celtics in as many tries. Bryant is lucky that Fisher was there to bail his sorry ass out of trouble in the fourth quarter.

— Lamar Odom came out of hiding in Game 3 to give the Lakers a lift, and that’s bad news for Boston. Mr. Khloe Kardashian was a perfect 5-for-5 from the field and the Lakers were a team-best plus-14 during Odom’s 28 minutes. The exact opposite was true when Boston’s worst nightmare, an aggressive Rasheed Wallace was on the court. Wallace did what we were all afraid he was going to do – namely, kill Boston’s chance of winning – by missing three 3-point attempts and posting a dreadful minus-10 in 19 minutes. Thanks for that, Mr. Man Boobs. Can’t wait to watch you for two more seasons.


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