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The fall of Troy is complete

Posted by Bill Koch on June 11, 2010

Reggie Bush

We don’t really like to brag here at Ramble On, but we can see through frauds like Pete Carroll from a mile away.

It came as no surprise to us that USC was slapped with serious sanctions by the NCAA this week, most of them directed at the Trojans’ football program for violations committed on Carroll’s watch. The allegations concern improper benefits given to Reggie Bush during his time at USC, a period that coincided with the rise of Troy to the top of the college football world. The penalties are severe – a two-year postseason ban, a loss of scholarships and four years of probation that will set the Trojans back a few years in their pursuit to keep up with what could soon be a beastly Pac-10.

Carroll’s move to the Seattle Seahawks always seemed a little fishy, and we called him out on it when he decided to accept a 5-year, $35-million offer to assume total control of the team’s football operations. He clearly knew that the ax was coming from the NCAA and didn’t stick around to take the heat, gutlessly running away up the West Coast and back into the arms of certain NFL failure. Carroll was a loser with the Jets and the Patriots in the past, and he clearly hasn’t lost his touch in his first few months on the job in Seattle. His draft-day trade and subsequent release of former USC star LenDale White in the face of a drug suspension was the first of what is guaranteed to be a series of mistakes that will sink the Seahawks and Carroll’s professional reputation further into the gutter.

As for the Trojans, we couldn’t be any happier that an absolute dick like Lane Kiffin is stuck trying to clean up the mess that his former mentor made in Los Angeles. The way Kiffin stabbed his previous bosses in the back during his time with the Oakland Raiders and at the University of Tennessee isn’t going to generate Kiffin any sympathy from anybody outside of the USC fan base, and we think this is a case of justice being served all around.


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