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Random YouTube Video of the Day: Gerrard’s Top 10

Posted by bdowd625 on June 23, 2010

In honor of the United States and England moving on to the knockout stage of the 2010 World Cup, I’ve decided to treat all our faithful readers to a wonderful soccer video. If you have a few minutes and enjoy the sport, you simply have to watch it. Steven Gerrard – England’s team captain and one of our soccer binkies here at Ramble On – shows off his immense talent in 7 minutes of mindboggling goals. I hope England goes down in flames in the next round, but even I can appreciate Gerrard’s undeniable abilities. Enjoy.

P.S. Could that USA/Algeria game have been any more of a nailbiter? Thanks for cutting it so close, guys. Props to Landon Donovan for being in the right place at the right time to slam home the game-winner. I could have done without all his “I’ve worked hard for this” nonsense during the postgame press conference, but I suppose I can let him have his moment. Just remember that it’s a team game, Lando.


2 Responses to “Random YouTube Video of the Day: Gerrard’s Top 10”

  1. Matt Jose said

    Hey bdowd…”it’s a team game” and you post highlights of one player. C’mon how about a little consistency.

    • bdowd625 said

      I don’t really see how posting one highlight reel video of Steven Gerrard – a compilation that spanned nearly a full decade, I might add – is relative to Landon Donovan making it sound like yesterday’s win and advancement into the knockout stage was all about him. It was merely an effort to show how talented some of these players are. Donovan, too, is talented – I was just a little put off by his postgame comments. And for your information, Mr. Jose, your comment is No. 130 in this site’s history. 🙂

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