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Posted by bdowd625 on June 24, 2010

It’s probably a little unfair to pin last night’s loss to the Colorado Rockies entirely on Jonathan Papelbon, but that ninth inning was absolutely brutal. Pap gave up two BOMBS, one to Ian Stewart – which is still orbiting the earth right now – and one to Red Sox killer and gold-thong aficionado Jason Giambi. Papelbon showed he was willing to get back to his splitter and slider earlier this season, but from what I can tell, those two fateful pitches last night were fastballs right down the dick.

It was an especially difficult loss because the Sox mounted one hell of a comeback against All-World starter Ubaldo Jimenez. Daniel Nava and Darnell McDonald had huge nights to lead the Boston offense – who thought we would ever utter those words this season? – but John Lackey did his best John Burkett impression and allowed 17 more earned runs and about 36 hits. This guy sure hasn’t panned out yet and I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen. Maybe its time Krista Lackey starts showing up at the ballpark in nothing but Victoria’s Secret garments for good luck. A man can dream, can’t he?

I can’t complain this entire post, however, because the reality is that the Sox have played pretty damn good baseball during the last month. Even with last night’s loss, Boston is only 2.5 back of the Yankees and dead even with the Rays, who looked like they were going to run away with the American League East in late April. So I’m going to try to stay positive even though last night’s game was a major kick in the balls. Let’s hope everyone else out there can do the same.

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