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Haynesworth saga highlights Washington’s idiocy

Posted by Bill Koch on July 31, 2010

Albert Haynesworth

As usual, the Washington Redskins are absolutely clueless when it comes to dealing with their own players.

This latest situation with Albert Haynesworth highlights how petty and foolish the Redskins and their spoiled, billionaire owner, Dan Snyder, are now and have always been. Haynesworth is currently being held out of training camp by Washington after failing to pass a mandatory conditioning test administered to all Redskins’ players.

That statement sounds simple enough, but anybody who knows anything about NFL teams and the way they treat their players can see right through Washington’s smokescreen. Players fail the conditioning run all the time. Bill Parcells used to bank on one of his veterans failing so that he could cut him early in camp, sending a message to the rest of his roster (especially knuckleheaded rookies like Terry Glenn, for example) that it had better come ready to work hard every single day. It’s never an issue when a productive player is involved. You think Ted Washington or Kris Jenkins could pass any sort of fitness test? What about Flozell ‘The Hotel’ Adams? Those three men racked up 13 Pro Bowl appearances during their respective NFL careers while playing in the trenches. Speed in the open field wasn’t exactly a job requirement for them to be effective.

What’s really going on here is that Haynesworth is being punished for his vocal stand this offseason about not wanting to shift from defensive end to nose tackle in new head coach Mike Shanahan’s 3-4 defensive scheme, leading to trade discussions with several other teams that ultimately broke down. The major sticking point was the $100-million contract that Haynesworth signed just last season to join Washington from the Tennessee Titans, a record-setting haul dished out by Snyder to the NFL’s top free agent in its 2009 class.

Haynesworth acted like a prima donna in the offseason. We won’t dispute that. His behavior, however, isn’t anything close to as childish as his organization’s conduct. As usual with Snyder, who would rather spend big in free agency looking for a quick fix than take the patient approach of developing players through the draft, he’s having a bit of buyer’s remorse. He felt the same way when he ended up with dead money clogging his salary cap space for years when Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders and a bunch of other over-the-hill players failed to produce for the Redskins like they had during their prime. Shanahan and Snyder are about to shift Haynesworth into that group of busts if they don’t change their approach. There are no winners the way this situation is currently playing out.


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Jersey Shore returns!!!

Posted by Bill Koch on July 29, 2010

Jersey Shore cast

In keeping with our promise of providing pop culture here at Ramble On, we’re here tonight with our contribution about one of television’s current premier series.

Jersey Shore returned to MTV on Thursday night, with the self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes of Seaside Heights transplanted to South Beach and the sin-driven culture that only a place like Miami can offer. We secretly fear for their lives – turning this group of people loose in that environment is extremely dangerous for them and everyone else that comes into contact with them. It’s like watching a car accident – you just can’t turn away.

And we don’t plan on turning away any point this season. We’ll be providing updates along the way, and we’ll open things up with a running diary tonight. Enjoy all the fist-pumping, hair-gelled, fake-tanned action along with us.

9:50 p.m. – And we’re back!! Fearless predictions for the new season with Pauly D, The Situation, Ronnie, Vinny, J-Woww, Snooki, Sammi and Angelina include:
— Vinny will be this year’s breakout star. He’ll go from the quiet, shy, sensitive kid in the background to straight pimp and still manage to be somewhat likeable. Few people can pull this off, but he can.
— Ronnie and Sammi will try to kill each other no fewer than three times. We’ll set the line at 2.5. Let the betting begin. There’s no way that I could live with an ex-girlfriend under normal circumstances, much less be hammered drunk and sleep three hours a night for two months with one of them under the same roof.
— The Situation will be mentally broken by the end of this season. His arrogance will be cracked by one of the housemates and we’ll see him vulnerable for the first time. Percentages dictate that it just has to happen at some point.

10:02 p.m. – Pauly D and The Situation are heading to Miami on a road trip. Needless to say, we hope they had the good sense to buy a GPS. They could end up in Bermuda without one.

10:05 p.m. – J-Woww and Snooki are heading to Miami on a road trip. See above.

10:06 p.m. – Sammi informs us that she and Ronnie ‘both decided to be single.’ Translation – Sammi’s ass got dumped.

10:08 p.m. – Pauly D reveals that he hooked up with Angelina at a club in L.A. – and that she might be headed to Miami. Just what we wanted to see this season – screaming girls trying to cock block people. That’s what we’ve been waiting for since the last season ended.

10:14 p.m. – Anybody else out there who doesn’t find Will Ferrell the least bit funny? I won’t even use the title of his new movie here because I don’t want to give it any sort of promotion. I could just as easily scream, yell and make an absolute fool of myself on camera. That doesn’t make me the least bit funny. WHAT, YOU DON’T AGREE WITH ME??!! WHY NOT??!!

10:20 p.m. – Angelina enters the Miami apartment begging for a second chance. Buy a clue, sweetheart – the gravy train already left the station. You made the biggest mistake of your life about a year ago, and there ain’t no coming back from that.

10:22 p.m. – A commercial for Exotic Tans? This is a little more of what we expected. It doesn’t matter that it might be the worst-produced 30 seconds in the history of television, that the sound quality was terrible, that the imagery was horrific and that the graphics were out of the 1980s. Unlimited tanning for $18.18 was all we needed to see. We’re in.

10:24 p.m. – Angelina talks her way into a room with Pauly D and The Situation. She’s wearing jean shorts that could double as bikini bottoms, and we think that she should just come right out and admit that she wants to have a threesome with them and get it over with.

10:27 p.m. – Sammi admits that she’s nervous to see Ronnie, that she still has feelings for him and that she’s still hurt about the way things ended. Yeah, sure Sammi – you ‘both decided to be single.’ It sure sounds that way to us right now.

10:28 p.m. – ‘I’m still a little nervous about seeing Ron. I’m scared that I still, like, love him.’ Thanks for that candid confessional, Sammi. Just a reminder, Ramble On readers – still a mutual breakup in progress.

10:35 p.m. – J-Woww and Snooki make it pretty clear that there’s going to be drama with Angelina right from the start. We can’t wait to see it. Take notes, ladies – men don’t want to deal with anything that these three women are about to do to each other. We don’t want to see it. We don’t want to hear about it. We don’t want you to complain to us about it, even if you’re our girlfriends or wives. We find it stupid, childish and ridiculous. We know that some of you love drama. We don’t and never will.

10:41 p.m. – We seem to remember a certain hot tub scene during the first season where Angelina objected to the guys being in the rooftop hot tub with a bunch of girls. Now she’s the first woman to join them in the hot tub in the new crib in Miami? This, folks, is the definition of irony.

10:44 p.m. – J-Woww is challenging Angelina to a fight in a cab. The true surprise isn’t that this is happening. The true surprise is that it took 44 minutes for this to happen. A camera shot of the cab driver’s face would have been worth $1 million. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

10:49 p.m. – Ronnie and Sammi are fighting in a club. Again, see above.

10:51 p.m. – I think Vinny just made up a word. Verify this for us, Ramble On readers – obliviated? Our Windows 7 spell check says that it’s not a word, but we believe everything we see on television. Vinny can’t be wrong.

10:56 p.m. – The Situation just came up with his latest contribution to pop culture. Landmines could be one of the most spectacular terms that we’ve ever heard. We’ll provide the difference between grenades and landmines with these photos.

10:58 p.m. – As a drunken Sammi lets us in on the worst-kept secret of the season – she still wants to be with Ronnie – he’s in a triple kiss with two other women at a club. That’s a perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the season. It’s bound to be a disaster and we just can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

11:00 p.m. – The trailer for the rest of the season is exactly what we expected to see. This is going to be absolute mayhem compared to the first season, and here’s why: there’s no faking now. These people know each other. They’ve lived together before. They’ve seen the best and worst of each other. There’s none of the awkwardness that goes on during the first week of shows like this where you’ve just met someone and you’re trying to make a good first impression. This crew is just ready to get after it, and so are we. This promises to be epic television. Tune in with us next week.

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The Buck stops here (in Baltimore)

Posted by bdowd625 on July 29, 2010

ESPN.com is reporting that Buck Showalter will become the next manager of the Baltimore Orioles. Why anyone would ever want to accept this job is beyond me. Sure, Showalter has been out of baseball for a few years now and I bet the possibility of coaching again makes his mouth water, but Baltimore has got to be one of the most miserable organizations out there. The O’s haven’t fielded a winning team since that little shithead Jeffrey Maier pulled a crucial fly ball into the stands during the playoffs at Yankee Stadium in 1996, and they don’t seem be turning the corner any time soon.

On top of that, owner Peter Angelos is a joke. The fans hate him because he doesn’t outwardly care about winning, and he allegedly denied Cal Ripken, Jr. – one of the most famous Orioles of all time – a job opportunity within the organization earlier this year. Nicely done, Peter, you cranky old bastard. Maybe it’s time to sell the team and bring in an ownership group that is willing to put talent on the field.

I could care less about the Orioles to be perfectly honest, but I know their fans are hurting. They deserve a team that matches the quality of their gorgeous stadium, Camden Yards. But with Angelos in charge and a mediocre product between the lines, I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before Showalter joins former managers Mike Hargrove, Lee Mazilli, Sam Perlozzo and Dave Trembley on the unemployment line.

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Two Fenway Franks please! On second thought……

Posted by Bill Koch on July 26, 2010


We came across this little nugget today while surfing the internet for the latest and greatest in the world of sports. This is the side that’s often unseen – our stadiums. Specifically, is that Fenway Frank completely safe? Are the Papa Gino’s pizzas at Gillette Stadium as fresh as advertised? Would the Bruins really be cheap enough to serve expired beef in their cheeseburgers?

Here are the results. By comparison, we look like we’re pretty lucky here in New England (Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, The Fake Garden). Canada (Bell Centre, Rogers Centre, Scotiabank Place) seems like a great place to go to a game. Illinois (Wrigley Field, the United Center, U.S. Cellular Field) is just about perfect. Colorado? Florida? Not so much. And be careful drinking those $60 glasses of scotch at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. Your price to pay for snobbery could end up costing you a trip to the emergency room. Don’t say that we here at Ramble On never added to the quality of your life.

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Just when we thought the Red Sox couldn’t get any worse….

Posted by Bill Koch on July 25, 2010

Jonathan Papelbon

We’ve heard a lot about injuries this season while following the 2010 version of the Boston Red Sox. The last time we at Ramble On checked the DL, however, we didn’t see any members of the bullpen or any players suffering from brain cramps.

There were plenty of reasons to be sick after the butchers in Boston’s relief corps got done on Sunday, as the Red Sox suffered another meltdown and were humiliated for the second straight day by Seattle, 4-2.

Hideki Okajima treated a series of Seattle bunts in the eighth inning like they were coated with a combination of the HIV and Ebola viruses, and Kevin Youkilis and Adrian Beltre weren’t much better while the hopeless Mariners salvaged a split of the four-game series by making Boston look like a bad Little League team.

We’re not going to get into the grisly details of what happened because, quite frankly, we just managed to get through dinner and can’t stomach any more wretchedness on this day. Let’s leave it at this – Seattle put on a small-ball display that Team USA would have been proud of while competing at the 2010 World Cup of Softball and Boston looked ridiculously powerless to stop it. Make that 3-4 on this 10-game road trip, a sub-.500 mark against the scrubby Mariners and Oakland A’s. Wake us up when this season is over.

One final note – Daisuke Matsuzaka managed to get through six innings without imploding and handed things over to the relievers with the Red Sox holding a 2-1 lead. Throughout the first 90-plus games of the season, This Manager had used Reliever X in the seventh inning, Daniel Bard in the eighth and Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth. Bard and Papelbon have been the only two men in Boston’s bullpen to perform with any sort of consistency. On Sunday This Manager decided it would be a good idea to go to…Bard in the seventh and then Okajima in the eighth? Haters, slow down before you even start – Jerry Remy was scratching his head over that move. This Manager will almost certainly be able to spin an answer to this question. I can’t wait to hear what it is, because it did help cost his Red Sox yet another game in the standings to both the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays that Boston can hardly afford to lose.

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Patterson’s drop sinks Red Sox

Posted by Bill Koch on July 25, 2010

Jon Lester

Losses like Saturday night’s 5-1 defeat against the Seattle Mariners are the ones that will haunt the Boston Red Sox when they are watching the postseason from the comfort of their couches in October.

The Red Sox are already in danger of slipping out of reach of the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays, a sort of personal red zone that they’ve occupied since they limped to a 4-9 start through the first 13 games of the year. Losses are losses, whether they occur in April or September, and they’re starting to mount for a Boston team that is doing its best just to tread water thanks to its rash of injuries and underwhelming performances by at least a handful of pitchers on its staff.

The Red Sox dropped to 3-3 on their current road trip by wasting a brilliant performance from Jon Lester. He retired the first 16 batters he faced against Seattle’s glorified Triple-A lineup, striking out 10 of them thanks to a dominant array of overpowering fastballs, cutters, curveballs and changeups. All of that changed when Eric Patterson dropped Jack Wilson’s lazy fly ball to center field in the sixth inning, setting up a two-run homer by Michael Saunders that ultimately put Seattle in front to stay. It was Lester’s first time working from the stretch all night long and Patterson’s unthinkable mistake completely changed the tone of the game.

Where was Mike Cameron? What about Bill Hall? Did they both so desperately need the night off that This Manager had to use Patterson, a guy who had primarily played second base since being acquired by Boston, to play center in one of the league’s most spacious outfields? Safeco Field might as well be Yosemite National Park for a guy who has grown used to seeing baseballs coming at him on the ground from 110 feet away. The fact of the matter is that the Red Sox have been playing catch-up since April in the race to the American League postseason – there is no room for vacation days at this point.

Lester didn’t show any emotion when Patterson started Boston’s reversal of fortune on Saturday, a nod to the lefthander’s extreme professionalism on the mound at all times. You can bet John Lackey would have tried steer-wrestling Patterson to the ground in the middle of the diamond if something like that had happened during one of his starts. Lester just stood out there and took it like the good soldier that he is, hung out to dry into the eighth inning and forced to throw 124 pitches until being mercifully lifted after Chone Figgins slapped a run-scoring double down the right field line to make it 4-1. That was the same line that was again left unguarded by Kevin Youkilis, a mistake that we here at Ramble On pointed out from Thursday night’s game, but we digress. The fact that Lester is being allowed to rot on the mound for that many pitches on July 24 should tell you all you need to know about the confidence that This Manager has in the Boston bullpen. The collateral damage done in outings like this will catch up to Lester as the calendar turns from August to September, and the reeling Red Sox will be feeling their full effects into an offseason that will start much too soon.

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The Patriots’ true leader emerges

Posted by Bill Koch on July 24, 2010

Wes Welker

Looks to me like the New England Patriots have been searching for leadership in all the wrong places. They forgot about the most obvious spot to check – right under their noses.

In this case, the man that they’re looking for barely comes up to their noses.

If Saturday’s reports are to be believed, Wes Welker is going to be ready to fully participate in practice when New England’s training camp opens on Thursday at Gillette Stadium. Welker’s miraculous rehabilitation from the torn ACL and MCL in his left knee that he suffered against Houston during the final week of the 2009 season looks to be almost complete, and Welker is climbing the walls in anticipation of a return to the Patriots in 2010.

Welker is barely seven months removed from major surgery to repair his knee, a procedure that he had done under the supervision of the team’s physicians. He’s participated as much as possible in New England’s offseason program and worked with the team’s trainers, therapists and doctors to bring himself back to full fitness. The chip that comes with being an undrafted free agent still clearly remains on Welker’s shoulder, even after signing a five-year, $18.1-million contract in 2007. All of those nights where we saw Welker courtside at The Fake Garden, watching the Boston Celtics make their postseason run? Those were clearly the way Welker chose to wind up his days of self-inflicted punishment in Foxboro.

All of this sounds quite different from the other recent major knee injury that impacted the Patriots. The Artist Formerly Known as Tom Brady chose one of his childhood buddies to perform his own left knee operation – the resulting infections and complications cost Brady two months in his recovery. Brady worked out in California while on the road to recovery, flipping the middle finger to New England’s staff. He set himself apart from the course that his teammates would have chosen or been forced to follow. Is it any wonder why everybody in that locker room is searching for some guidance?

Good news, Patriots players and fans. Your search is over. The guy you’ve been looking for all along wears No. 83 and will be lined up in the slot when New England hosts Cincinnati on Sept. 12. Jump on Welker’s shoulders and hope that he can carry the Patriots to another Super Bowl title. He’s the man to do it.

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The greatest manager in Red Sox history? Not Thursday night…

Posted by Bill Koch on July 23, 2010

Terry Francona

Thursday wasn’t rock bottom if you’re a Boston Red Sox fan. It was worse.

What we saw from Safeco Field in Seattle was the end of Boston’s season. There’s no way that this Red Sox team is going to be able to overtake the New York Yankees or the Tampa Bay Rays when it tries to take certain victory and turn it into disgraceful defeat, but that’s exactly what happened in a stomach-churning 8-6 win against the hopeless Mariners in 13 innings.

Boston blew a 6-1 lead in the ninth inning, squandering a rare quality start by John Lackey, thanks to a combination of factors that included a bullpen meltdown, more bad defense and yet more suspect decisions made by This Manager. Granted, the Red Sox have been battered by injuries and shouldn’t be expected to make the postseason with Bill Hall and Daniel Nava playing every day. We here at Ramble On don’t believe in excuses, but we’ll acknowledge that losing so much talent is difficult to overcome.

With that said, This Manager isn’t helping matters very much. This is the first time in his Red Sox career that he hasn’t had vastly superior talent in his dugout compared to his opponents, and his weaknesses are being exposed for all to see. Nearly losing three out of four to scrubs like Oakland and Seattle is inexcusable. There were three instances in the ninth inning alone on Thursday where he didn’t put Boston in the best position to finish off the game, his sole purpose on the Red Sox bench. For those who believe that This Manager is in fact God among us, consider these while pounding down the minimum of two coffees that will be necessary today.

— Where was the hook for Manny Delcarmen? He was allowed to remain in the game and pitch to two more hitters after allowing a single by Chone Figgins and a two-run homer by Franklin Gutierrez to open the ninth inning and make it 6-3. Jonathan Papelbon was already warming in the bullpen – send Kevin Cash out to stall, take your sweet time making the pitching change and then go send Delcarmen to the showers with nobody on base and a clean slate for a closer who, despite his struggles, had converted 34 of his last 37 opportunities. Instead, Papelbon inherited a mess when he was summoned with two on and nobody out.

— Why wasn’t Kevin Youkilis guarding the line with a three-run lead? Singles at that point can’t hurt you too badly, but allowing Casey Kotchman to hook a double into right field with one out proved to be damaging. Kotchman’s grounder inside the bag at first made it 6-4 and put the tying run into scoring position. Youkilis was at least two steps to the right of his normal position at first. It flies in the face of 100 years of traditional baseball defensive alignment. This Manager played in the big leagues and so did his father. He should know better than to make such a fundamental mistake.

— Did This Manager forget he had Jed Lowrie available? All the guy did was go 47 games at one point during his Red Sox career without making an error at shortstop, one of the most demanding defensive positions on the field. Surely he could have done a better job manning second base in the late innings than Hall, an outfielder who has been forced into the utility role this season due to Boston’s many injuries. Lowrie likely wouldn’t have failed to turn what would have been a game-ending double play, and he almost certainly wouldn’t have thrown the ball away like Hall did to allow the tying run to score in the ninth. Lowrie pinch hit for Cash in the 11th, inserted into the game two innings too late to save Boston from absolutely torching its own bullpen with Josh Beckett due to make his return tonight. Think anybody will have anything left in the tank when he makes like Clay Buchholz did on Wednesday and turns in an 80-pitch, four-inning stinker? I’m sure This Manager, genius that he is, has a plan for such a situation. If it’s anything like his bumbling on Thursday, I’ll be covering my eyes in fear when he puts it into action.

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NCAA Football 11: A slacker’s review

Posted by bdowd625 on July 20, 2010

(Relax, Tim Tebow. If you’re this fired up over a video game, how are you going to stay calm long enough to perform all those circumcisions you have planned later on?)

Every now and then here at Ramble On we like to mix in something random to break up the day-to-day monotony of the sports world. Luckily (or unluckily) for you, this is one of those times.

I’ll start out by saying I’m a huge video game nerd. I’m also 25 years old and still living at home, so my life is essentially the perfect script for Failure to Launch 2. But I digress. The truth is video games have been a part of my life since around the age of 5, and it amazes me to see how far they’ve come in the last 20 years. I’ve watched graphically-challenged Super Mario Brothers turn into a masterpiece like the one above, NCAA Football 11. To say it plainly, technology kicks ass.

I’m not really big into football video games, but I figured I’d pick up a copy of NCAA 11 because I heard good things. And because I like wasting money that I should be putting into my savings account. While my bottom line continues to suffer, my gameplaying experience has been rewarded. There’s much to love about NCAA Football 11, with its crystal-clear graphics, extraordinary sound and engaging gameplay. It captures the atmosphere of college football perfectly, and as anyone who has ever been around the sport knows, that’s a pretty cool feat.

There’s one particular mode in NCAA 11 that really captured my attention: Road to Glory. Yes, this mode is hosted by the ravishing Erin Andrews, but it also has… um… I’m thinking… um… Sorry about that. I’m focused again. Anyway, RTG allows you to create yourself as a player as you go from a high school standout to a college phenom at the position of your choice. How old do you have to be before creating yourself in a video game is immature, you ask? Let’s just go with 26 for the sake of the argument.

NCAA 11 does a great job of making you feel like you’re actually a high school star, as you receive scholarship offers from all the major college football programs. My character opted to sign with Notre Dame since they guaranteed him the starting quarterback job as a freshman. (By the way, did I mention I have a job and a girlfriend? I swear it’s true.) In any event, I’m excited to embark on my journey through the college ranks as I try to get Notre Dame back to its football glory days.

So call me whatever you want, whether it be nerd, loser, geek or slacker. But you know you’d have just as much trouble shutting off Erin Andrews as I did.

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A few quick Red Sox notes…

Posted by bdowd625 on July 18, 2010

*  Boston’s 3-2 victory over the Texas Rangers last night was HUGE. Yes, it was only one game, but wins like that have a way of turning things around. The Sox were in danger of falling to 51-40 – a measly 11 games over .500 – and surely the complaints about their lackluster lineup would have grown even louder. Instead, Kevin Youkilis saves Boston with a clutch two-out double off of Cliff Lee in the ninth, and wins it with a sacrifice fly in the 11th.

John Lackey actually pitched well for once – hanging with the devastatingly filthy Cliffy from the start – and the bullpen did its part with scoreless innings from Daniel Bard, Jonathan Papelbon and Manny Delcarmen (surprise!). All in all, it was an excellent win at a dire time.

*  Clay Buchholz and Josh Beckett both had rehab starts for Pawtucket this weekend, and neither was overly impressive. Buchholz got knocked around a little bit, only threw 33 strikes out of 60 pitches and committed a balk. Beckett, meanwhile, said he wasn’t as sharp as he wanted to be. And here we are getting excited about their imminent returns to the big club. Maybe it’s not going to go as smoothly as we had all hoped.

*  This last point is in response to a reader comment (which we would like more of, so please send us your thoughts) about Jerry Remy. Remy – a Red Sox legend – has been in the broadcast booth since the late 1980s and recently overcame a bout with cancer. The reader wondered who would be next in line to replace Remy as color commentator when he calls it quits, ultimately saying he thought Lou Merloni would be his successor.

Merloni, a local guy and former Red Sox infielder, has been a mainstay on WEEI’s The Big Show during the last few years and has made a pretty smooth transition from player to media member. He’s definitely a viable option because he knows the game and the ins and outs of the organization.

To that end, Nomar Garciaparra would also fit the bill. Garciaparra’s departure from the team at the trade deadline in 2004 was unceremonious, so it would be hard to see the team bringing him back in any capacity, let alone having him in the broadcast booth every night. But Garciaparra has also made the transition into the media – taking an analyst position with ESPN – so it’s hard to rule him out completely. He has the exact type of charismatic phoniness that would make him a great commentator.

And finally, for my sleeper pick for the job: Kevin Millar. Millar has the personality and knowledge of the game to be a great color guy. The only problem? He may be too much of a clown. Millar, who created the “Cowboy Up” slogan back in 2004, was the perfect guy to help Boston end it’s 86-year World Series drought. But can he be professional enough to be taken seriously in the booth? That remains to be seen. Still, he’s made some appearances in studio on NESN and Fox and brings the right presence to the broadcast. Maybe I’m just seeing him through rose-colored glasses because he was part of my favorite Red Sox team of all time.

So who do you think will end up replacing Jerry Remy when he finally decides to hang it up? Leave your suggestions here.

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