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Little reason to celebrate new Pierce deal

Posted by Bill Koch on July 2, 2010

Paul Pierce

Pardon us here at Ramble On if we don’t celebrate the news that Paul Pierce is close to agreeing with the Boston Celtics on a new contract.

Pierce is past his prime. Yes, we just said it. Pierce’s best days are behind him, and now Boston is going to handcuff itself by giving The Truth a four-year, $60-million deal that feels more like a career reward than an actual representation of where Pierce is currently as a player.

Let’s be honest – Pierce isn’t a top-10 player in the NBA right now. It’s a stretch to even call him a top-20 player. He might not even be a top-25 player. None of that seems to matter to the Celtics. They’re about to flush any chances that they have of using their cap space to rebuild their aging team on the fly around Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins (when he eventually returns from knee surgery).

It’s not that we don’t want The Truth to finish his career here. We’ll never forget his role in bringing Banner 17 to the rafters of The Fake Garden. We only point out Pierce’s contract situation because we’ve seen this before in Boston. The Big Three turned ancient in front of our eyes, and what followed was a chain reaction of misery that haunted the Celtics for two decades. Len Bias died, Reggie Lewis died, Michael Smith (BYU, not Providence) was a bust, Acie Earl was a bust, Jerome Moiso and Eric Montross were busts, Rick Pitino chose the nuclear option to blow up Causeway Street, Antoine Walker shimmied his way out of town and Vin Baker ripped 40s of OE 800 instead of rebounding.

No franchise that had been as successful as Boston was while racking up its first 16 titles in 40 years has been forced to endure similar heartache. Is it all about to happen again? Get back to us when Pierce counts for $15 million on the cap as a 37-year-old and tell us we were wrong. We hope you’re able to do exactly that, but we doubt it.


One Response to “Little reason to celebrate new Pierce deal”

  1. Steve G. said

    I totally agree with you. The list of non-centers who are still valuable in their mid to late 30s is really, really short. It’s mostly guys with incredible passing and shooting skills, or guys who draw lots of fouls, which decay less with age. Pierce can draw fouls, but not at an incredible rate anymore.

    I was kind of hoping he would exercise his option, because after this year, his decline would be more apparent and you’d have less clamoring from the nitwits on WEEI that you HADDD to extend him. As is, four years is way too long for him, but if the Celtics didn’t do that, some other stupid NBA team (the Clippers, looking in your direction) might have done it.

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